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Noragric aspires to excellence in education, research and collaboration in interdisciplinary studies of development, international relations and the environment.



Diplomacy is a Feminine Art

Foreign Service has until recently been one of the most male-dominated state sectors. What, if anything, has happened to the gender norms of diplomacy since larger numbers of women entered the profession? Open seminar with Ann Towns. 18 October, Thor Larsen Loft, NMBU. 

Decolonize this place

Decolonizing Academia?

Join us for a roundtable discussion on the decolonizing campaigns that are happening across universities worldwide. We’ll bring pizza!
23 October, 15:15 in the Clock Building, NMBU Ås Campus


Grete Benjaminsen

PhD defence: Grete Benjaminsen

On 26 October, Grete Benjaminsen will defend her PhD thesis: 'A Global Agenda Meets Local Practices: An Ethnographic Study of the Introduction of REDD+ in Zanzibar'. All welcome. 



Community-Based Policing and Post-Conflict Police Reform

A Horizon 2020 Collaborative Partner Research Project.
This project conducts integrated social and technical research on community-based policing (COP) in post-conflict countries in S.E. Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America.


Department of International Environment and Development Studies 

Our research, education and institutional collaboration activities are focused primarily, but not exclusively, on developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

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