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Noragric aspires to excellence in education, research and collaboration in interdisciplinary studies of development, international relations and the environment.



The Sahel - Food Security & Development in an Area of Crisis

Open seminar jointly hosted by Norad and Noragric
23 April, Litteraturhuset, Oslo (Nedjma room)

Refugee camp

Security on the move

After decades of violent conflict, large numbers of Somalis have been displaced and the subsequent migration has contributed to the growth of cities across the country. This NMBU project, led by Durham University in the UK, will investigate links between urbanization and displacement in Somalia. Read more in the project’s first report.

Painted border fence in Tijuana, US-Mexico border, January 2018

The Dreamers vs The Wall

Noragric Professor John-Andrew McNeish on life at the US-Mexico border, where he is currently on sabbatical. Latest entry in the Noragric Blog


Community-Based Policing and Post-Conflict Police Reform

A Horizon 2020 Collaborative Partner Research Project.
This project conducts integrated social and technical research on community-based policing (COP) in post-conflict countries in S.E. Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America.


Department of International Environment and Development Studies 

Our research, education and institutional collaboration activities are focused primarily, but not exclusively, on developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

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