3d modeling and visualization for landscape architecture and planning continuous education course

3D student project work. LAD302 course. Ramzi Hassan.
3D student project work. LAD302 course. Ramzi Hassan. Photo: ILP-UMB 2012.
The course will function as an arena to work with various topics, tools and techniques connected to the use of 3D modeling and visualizations in landscape design and planning. The course is based on a combination of lectures and exercises at computer lab. After introducing the main topic through a lecture, participants will work individually or in group with supervision on a selected case. The course is planned for three days and structured around three main topics: 1- 3D modeling and visualization with SketchUp. 2- 3D visualizations with Lumion3D. 3- 3D planning with Autodesk InfraWorks (previously: Autodesk Infrastructure Modeller). In addition, guest lecturers will join in the course in order to show projects examples on how they are practicing 3D digital tools and techniques for modeling and visualizations. Language for the course: English and parts in Norwegian. More info is vailable form here (English). and here in (Norsk)
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