The participants will get an overview of the different concepts (conservation, restoration, reconstruction, authenticity and others), methods and legislation. In addition, the course gives insight how to manage and develop a historic green space. The course uses a different case each year as specified.  

To understand the historical background and layers a 3D digital model will be developed. Through interaction with the 3D model, the different historical phases and development of the site can be visualized. The 3D digital model will be used to enhance the level of understanding for the configuration of the site and can form a basis for sound decisions concerning the conservation and management. The virtual Reality Lab (VR-Lab) will be used as arena to test various scenarios and hypothesis connected to the historical development of the site.

Students will choose a task related to different problems in: conservation/restoration and management of historic gardens and parks, management of cultural landscapes and digital presentation of values. For more information check the course outline from here! Check also the final studnets work from 2020 from here!

Published 4. February 2021 - 14:01 - Updated 5. March 2021 - 10:45