Planning property and law

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Gang og sykkelvei
Photo: Mari Sundli Tveit

In Norway, all municipalities are required to plan the space and resources. ILP educats planners and property managers who will assume the role of the leading experts in urban and regional development.

Planners, property managers and property developers from ILP, has multidisciplinary expertise that enables them to collaborate across disciplines and with other professions such as architects, lawyers, engineers and geographers. They can analyze the present, understand the political processes, identify good practices and assess their consequences.

Studenter ved storplenen
Studenter ved storplenen Photo: Kjersti Srlie Rimer

Division of Urban and regional planning, Property development and Land law have an exciting and interdisciplinary academic environment, with expertise in planning, planning processes and planning theory, political processes, GIS in planning, urban morphology and architecture, traffic and road planning, geography, environmental impact assessments, universal design, landscape ecology, landscape analysis and environmental psychology, planning and Building Law, plot, property law, estate agency and a judge expertise in real estate matters, business related disciplines and knowledge of property development from an early stage to the finished project, land acquisition, planning clarification and project development as well as knowledge of preference, demand and market development.

Illustrasjon studieguiden - urbygningen
Illustrasjon studieguiden - urbygningen Photo: Hkon Sparre

The section has two five-year programs of study and a two-year master program.

Master's degree in real estate development is a great addition to economics education studies from the Business School, BI and other financial institutions.

5-year master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning


Urban and regional planning is a vocational study program where students learn to plan the physical surroundings as well as planning according to the Planning and Building act. The students learn different methods to analyse the surroundings and different approaches to possibilities and concequences, as well as solving conflics of interests. The programme also has focus on the skills to create environmental, architechtonical and functional resolutions. They learn to arrange planning processes and cooperate with others, use maps, digital drawing programs and geographic information systems (GIS).

5-year master's degree in Property and Land law

When discussing environment and welfare, central issues are the utilisation and development of land areas, from management of natural resources and improvement of the conditions in agriculture to expansion of villages and towns. Land is owned by someone in some form and of some kind of structure. The programme educates professionals who will be involved in these processes, individuals who will master the challenges connected to property and land law, that can work both out of private interest and in the public sector.

Master in Real Estate Development
Master in Real Estate Development Photo:

2-year Master of Real Estate Development

The programme is established due to a particular need for higher education within real estate development in Norway. Principles for real estate development may be internationally based, but operative competence must be related to specific knowledge of local conditions. The programme is vocational and especially adjusted for the need for knowledge of the legal framework and the social rules in real estate management and development in Norway. The adjustment is both theoretical and practical through compulsory project work.

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