About us

The Department brings together four disciplines:

  • Urban and regional planning
  • Land management & law
  • Public health
  • Landscape architecture and landscape engineering

A Multifunctional Approach

If you dream of planning, designing or managing green spaces, developing urban areas into good places to live, working with property development, or are eager to know more about how the environment and health relate to one another, then ILP is the right place for your studies.

Study programmes include:

  • Bachelor of landscape engineering (3 years)
  • Master of (5 years)
    • Urban and Regional planning,
    • Land Management
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Master of (2 years)
      •  Real Estate Development
      • Public health.
      • Experience based master of Real Estate Development (tied to actual real estate development projects)

Doctoral students at ILP research questions related to landscape architecture, landscape planning, land management, urban and regional planning or public health.


Researchers at the department seek to understand how we can ultimately safeguard our landscape and natural resources. The type of knowledge sought for planning urban environments is in line with contemporary challenges, with the goal of maintaining and creating sustainable, resilient environments. To that end there is a need to pursue innovative solutions that will promote health and community, cultural and social wellbeing.

How will good design contribute to all this, and how can we optimally study the relationship between good design and the above values? How can development be balanced through laws and regulations, and how can properties be developed so that they meet present and future needs in land use and environmental terms? How are laws and regulations affecting property development and how can land tenure be adjusted? How can we accommodate health and wellbeing in community development?

ILP has a number of active research groups that deal with these questions: The Centre for Landscape Democracy and The Centre for Land Tenure Studies are among these.

Teaming Up with the Business Community, Public Agencies and Government

We have good, formalised partnerships with the business community and public sector bodies. The goal of these partnerships is professional development on common ground.

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