Public Health Science

Department of Public Health Science


The department's ambition is to increase knowledge of factors that promote health and prevent disease, and to understand how the community, at various levels, can facilitate good heath in the entire population.


A day on the farm works wonders for people with dementia

A day on the farm works wonders for people with dementia

People with dementia sit still less, are more active socially and physically and are in a better mood on a farm than in a daycare centre.

The best kind of neighbourhood for children

The best kind of neighbourhood for children

Children living in neighbourhoods with green areas within 800 metres of their home are more active, both socially and physically, according to new research.



Our research revolves around public health, health promotion, links between nature and health amongst other topics.


The Department of Public Health Science  is one of five departments in the Faculty of Landscape and Society. The department offers a 2-year Master programme in Public Health in addition to courses in human-environment relationships. Our staff have extensive expertise in physical and psychosocial factors that affect health and quality of life, and factors that can promote health and prevent disease in society. Read more. 

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