Information for users

As of May 1st, 2010, the core facility offers a range of basic proteomics services at unit prices. An overview of services and prices is presented here. The first-come-first-served rule applies to all services, i.e. samples will be processed in the order they are received. For large series of samples exceptions to this rule can be made.

Instrument booking/unassisted use of the instruments
Unassisted use of the core facility instruments by researchers is encouraged, and everyone who wishes to use the instruments on their own (i.e. unassisted) can do so after approval by the lab manager. Such approval requires a minimum of on-site training or documented relevant experience. Individual or group-wise training will be provided on request (by the lab manager) on an ad hoc basis, i.e. limited to the type of analysis in question.
Registered users may reserve instrument time using the web-based booking system.
The current rates for unassisted use of the core facility instruments may be found here, and general lab rules here.  For "heavy" users of e.g. the LC-MS equipment, discount agreements can be made for a duration of up to one year at a time.

Priority among users
As stated above, the basic rule is that registered users make their own reservations. In order to avoid unnecessary idle time, it is important to only reserve the time required for the analysis, and to notify the lab manager immediately if the reserved time will not be used (only the lab manager may delete a reservation from the calendar).
If a situation should occur which requires that priority is given to one user over another, this is done by the lab manager in accordance with the current agreement between IKBM and Nofima Mat.
No user should expect to have any instrument reserved for an unreasonable length of time: currently, there is an upper limit of two consecutive workdays per user per instrument at a time.

Publishing of results
Provided that the Vancouver-requirements are met, co-authorship (for lab manager/core facility operator) is expected when results are published. In the case of a dispute, IKBMs members of the governing board, (if necessary) supplied with the leader of the IKBM research committee (Forskningsutvalget) have the final say in these matters. 

Users will be charged for performed services/instrument time regardless of results, unless the lack of success is the obvious result of operator or instrument failure. In the case of a dispute, the core facility governing board have the final say in such matters.


Published 27. June 2014 - 9:23 - Updated 29. January 2018 - 9:52