MS Proteomics

The main purpose of the establishment was – and still is – to meet the local demand for mass spectrometric analysis of samples from proteomic and carbohydrate research activities.

The activity of the core facility is supervised by a governing board, which has two members from NMBU (IKBM), and two from Nofima Mat. The current board leader is professor Vincent Eijsink, NMBU. Morten Skaugen (NMBU) is responsible for maintenance of the instruments and manages the day to day activity.

The primary function of the core facility is to serve local users. However, we also provide services and instrument access for external users, and for the period 2008-2012 the core facility is a node in the FUGE technology platform Norproteomics.

Published 27. June 2014 - 9:23 - Updated 25. October 2018 - 8:27