Measurement Methods

Measurement Methods

målemetodikk, olje i vann

About Measurement Methods

This research group works with measuring methods to determine quality parameters during processing in a non-destructive, environment friendly and rapid way.

Increased demands for determination and control of the content and qualities of different products have made this research more important than ever. The goal is to find in-line measuring methods that make it possible to control the processes continuously.
Academic strength combined with relevant background from industry make the basis for active research and motivating and inspiring teaching.

Members of the Measurement Methods group are responsible for several bachelor, master and PhD courses in food technology, data analysis, engineering topics, product development and measurement methods.

The group is central regarding the performance of the equipment in the pilot plant and works closely with the pilot plant group in many projects. We have extensive interdisciplinary interaction with other research groups at KBM and NMBU.

Our focus  is rheology, texture analysis, other measurement methods and data analysis connected to data. The data originates mostly from biological and food products and processes, such as milk, beer, cheese, pork, salmon and model systems.

About Measurement Methods

Measurement Methods is a reserach group at NMBUs faculty for chemistry, biotechnology and food science.

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