Master's Program

Some MSc projects to choose from:

We advise MSc students, and are recruiting for the projects below. Can't find what you are interested in here? Check out our research areas and contact the relevant faculty member, or stop by and chat with us about your interests!

Master's project in applied statistics

Kathrine Frey Frøslie

How do people move to music? 

People's dance movements are as different as the people themselves. But do people move differently to different types of music? If so, how? ​A dataset recorded in a movement laboratory at the University of Oslo's Department of Musicology contains time series of 39 people's movements, and craves attention from a statistician with some programming skills. Is that person you? 

Contact: Kathrine Frey Frøslie

Master's project in the Digital Salmon

Visual Lab

The Digital Salmon project aims to encode what we know about salmon biology and deduce new insight via computer simulations and the rules of mathematics. Our first challenge: Can we calculate how best to feed farmed salmon?

MSc thesis options include 1) genome-scale reconstruction and modelling flux through the metabolic reaction network, and 2) decomposing gene expression data into functional modules using "Independent component analysis". Both require basic knowledge of biochemistry, computer programming and linear algebra; 1) is heavier on linear algebra and 2) is heavier on multivariate analysis. International research stays possible.

Contact: Jon Olav Vik

Master's projects in statistical methods based on teaching statistics

Solve Sæbø

It is a known fact that having a basic statistical understanding is not only important for further education but also to understand and cope with the world we live in today. At the BIAS group we have an ongoing project based on how various cognitive factors, like brain physiology and personality theory, influence students’ learning capabilities in statistics.

Several master's projects based on the data generated will be relevant. The main focus will be on the statistical methods and/or statistical applications used to analyze the dataset. 

Contact: Kathrine Frey Frøslie and Hilde Vinje

Meet some of our MSc students.

"I have yet to meet a boring data series."
- Janne Cathrin Hetle Aspheim, MSc student in applied statistics

Janne researches how students best learn statistics. Read more about Janne's journey.  

"Life has always fascinated me – it is the most complicated thing there is." 
- Marius Strand, MSc student in bioinformatics

Marius has researched the role microorganisms play in the salmon intestine. Read more about Marius's journey

Career examples. Meet our graduates. 


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