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Food Proteins: Structure and Biological Function

Food proteins; Structure and biological function

This group performs functional food science aligned to traditional food science, nutrition and medicine. Structure and bioactivity as well as product related functionality of a variety of components is studied with a special emphasize on proteins.

Food Proteins: Structure and Biological Function

Finding the paths of interactions between components in different foods will help understand the effects of food on human nutrition and health. A challenge for the group is to determine the structure and properties of different compounds and find good candidates combining functionality and bioactivity.


The Food Proteins group (2017):

Gerd Vegarud, Professor,  
Tove G. Devold, Researcher
Ragnhild A. Inglingstad, Post doctor
Irene Comi, Engineer
Tora Asledottir, Engineer project


Main Research Projects

  • Mapping proteins and peptides in milk from different species (bovine, caprine and equine) by proteomics and study their effects in the protection of oral and gastro-intestinal infections; an investigated in close collaboration with The National Hospital, RhI, University of Oslo, Department of Nutritional Sciences and Departement of Dentistry.
    • in vitro digestion by human gastric enzymes; identifying protein and peptide as antimicrobial and antiviral elements.
    • oral teeth/protein and mineral adsorption. Saliva proteins and their interaction with food components.

  • Studying structures and the interactions between milk proteins and alginate under different conditions related to gelformation using rheological techniques and confocal laser microscopy. Involves NTNU and industrial partners.

  • Characterization and identification of genetic protein variants in milk from Norwegian dairy cattle of cow and goat by Maldi-TOF analysis. Genomics related to proteomics and functional and nutrition parameters. Method development with other groups at IKBM and in cooperation with Institute of Animal Sciences and Matalliansen.
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