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Dairy Technology and Food Quality

Dairy Technology and Food quality

  • Dairy Technology and Food quality
    Håkon Sparre, UMB

At the Dairy Technology and Food Quality group, we develop new sustainable technologies and processes for the food industry, in particular the dairy industry. Special focus is given to combining knowledge and innovation in order to understand product properties and their quality.

Dairy Technology and Food Quality

We have always been recognized as the leading environment in Norway with regards to dairy technology. The famous Jarlsberg cheese was developed here in the 1950s. Our competency spans from the quality of raw milk to the intricate processes for producing thousands of different dairy products.

The group as a whole has a broader span, from raw food material properties and quality along the food chain, food chemistry and technology, food microbiota, antibiotic resistance in the food chain and environment, and also processes for sustainable, safe, healthy and competitive food of high quality. 

Our main research areas include: dairy technology, food production hygiene, food and health, food microbiology and microbiota, proteins from plants, as well as fermented foods and drinks. 

Group members

Below you will find a list of our group members. Our members are listed by seniority first, and then alphabetically by last name.

Professor Judith Narvhus is the group leader.  

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