What we can provide

Basic support

This is a simple advising session that typically concerns support in a specific issue. It normally lasts up to one hour.

At this initial session, we work to clarify the issue and the data collection. We often discuss the research question and any negative and positive aspects of data collection. We can help with simple statistical methods, statistics software or support in writing applications. We can also provide advice on literature and courses that may be of relevance to learn more.

The advisory service is concluded after each meeting. The outcome of the session can either be to conclude the advicing, or to schedule more one-time similar sessions, or that the session  develops into one of the other, more extensive advising services outlined below.

The basic advising will typically be adapted to master’s degree or PhD students. The session can take place in person or digitally, and sessions can be scheduled fairly quickly. 

Single project support

This type of advising normally concerns bigger projects that take place over a longer period and that culminate in, for example, an article. We will be more involved in the proposed analyses and methods and provide coding and software support, but we will rarely conduct the actual analyses.

This service primarily targets PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and/or researchers. In the case of PhD students who need guidance, it is preferable that their main supervisor can attend the initial meeting, where we define and delimit the scope of the advising.

The division of responsibility between us, the student and main supervisor will also be defined at this meeting. It is not uncommon for the service’s contribution to entail co-authorship in any articles written, but this will be clarified in advance.

Project participation

This typically concerns large-scale research projects that run over many years. It may be a project where the user is seeking external funding and wants a statistician on the team, or as a co-supervisor for a PhD student.

It is natural in this kind of collaborative project that the advising service team conducts some/all of the statistical analyses and contributes to the planning phase and data collection, as well as the follow-up work.

We will also provide support in other less statistical issues that may arise during the process, and co-authorship in some of the articles generated from the project will be a natural consequence.


We can provide courses on specific biostatistics topics as needed, for example to groups of master’s students, PhD students or research groups. These will typically be small-scale module-based courses in specific statistical topics.

Such topics could be: R programming, study planning, regression, ANOVA, general hypothesis testing etc.

This could also be relevant for existing courses at NMBU that collect or use statistical data analyses. In such case, we can typically contribute to one or more lectures, or devise a digital module that covers one or more analysis tool, data collection or study planning.

Published 27. November 2020 - 16:16 - Updated 29. September 2022 - 14:35