Requirements and application process

Qualification requirements

To be enrolled into the PhD programme, applicants must have a Master degree (corresponding to a five-year Norwegian degree programme). The degree must be within the proposed topical area of the PhD study. The applicants must have a strong academic performance, with B or better as the average grade of the Master degree. The grade of the Master thesis shall be minimum B. Admission to a PhD programme is also dependent on the candidate being able to document funding for the entire study period.

Scholarships and Application Procedures

There are different funding routes into the PhD programme at the School of Economics and Business (HH).

1. University (NMBU) scholarships
The department has a few scholarships (2-4 per year) that is announced in January-February at the NMBU web-page for vacancies. The scholarships are for three years, with an opportunity to extend the period through extra work (teaching, participation in externally funded projects, etc.).
Applications are made for the scholarships itself, and no extra PhD application form for admission into the PhD programme is needed before the start-up of the scholarship.

2. Scholarships in NMBU projects
Occasionally, projects managed by HH NMBU have PhD scholarships available to work within the topic of the project. These are announced here. The application procedure is similar to the one for university scholarships.

3. Scholarships in external projects
Some have been awarded PhD scholarships at research institutions, and need a university affiliation for course work and to be rewarded the PhD degree. Prospective PhD students are encouraged to get in touch with the Head of Research to discuss their application and possible supervisors.
The formal application should include the following: - The application FORM 1.1.1 - CV (with list of any publications) - Certified copy of Master degree diploma - Project outline (2-4 pages)

4. Scholarships in collaborative projects with institutions in developing countries
The department has collaborative projects with universities in developing countries, which include PhD scholarships. The recruitment is then done in collaboration with partner institutions in the countries. Currently, we have NORHEAD projects with Mekelle University (Ethiopia), LUNAR (Malawi), and Makerere Business School (Uganda). Applicants need to be affiliated with these institutions.

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