PhD programme

The aim of the programme is to qualify candidates for research of international standard within all the department’s subject areas, and for other work that require scientific insight and analytical thinking and skills. PhD students learn to work in accordance with recognized principles of academic and research ethics.

The PhD degree is awarded based on an approved course package (min. 45 ECTS) and a dissertation. The dissertation typically consists of 3-4 articles within a specified topic. Further details are given in the NMBU and School of Economics and Business regulations.

The enrollment into the programme is as a rule done once a year (August). Applications are considered jointly with the reward of PhD scholarships or documentation of funding for the PhD studies. The latter is particularly relevant for foreign applicants.

"Economics and business" is interpreted in a broad sense to include, inter alia, entrepreneurship, innovation and organizational theory. The thesis’ topics are limited by the supervision capacity and the courses offered. Major areas of research in the department include management, development economics, resource economics, resource and agricultural economics, environment and energy economics, and market and consumer analysis. In addition, the department is also involved in research in philosophy and ethics.  The School of Economics and Business is a partner with two national PhD research schools, and is involved with international networks offering PhD courses.

More information: 

Requirements and application process

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