Studies at the School of Economics and Business

The School of Economics and Business offers studies in the fields of economics and business economics, organization and management, social science and philosophy.


Master's degree programmes
• Economics (taught in English)
• Business Administration (taught in Norwegian)
• Entrepreneurship and Innovation (taught in Norwegian)

Bachelor's degree programmes (taught in Norwegian)
• Economics
• Business Administration

Phd programme
• Economics and Business

Courses at the School of Economics and Business
 Courses in English
• All courses 

Daniela Orge Fuentes 2008
Daniela Orge Fuentes 2008 Photo: Privat

"My Master degree in Economics has been highly relevant for all jobs I’ve had since I graduated in 2008. It has provided me with valuable tools for understanding and analyzing highly complex social contexts. Working with research, my education has proved to be a necessary theoretical background."

Daniela Orge Fuentes, Researcher 
Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research

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