Master's degree programmes

• Applied Economics and Sustainability (taught in English)
Bioeconomy - Biobased Value Creation and Business Development (taught in Norwegian)
• Business Administration (taught in Norwegian)
• Entrepreneurship and Innovation (taught in Norwegian)

Bachelor's degree programmes (taught in Norwegian)

• Economics
• Business Administration 
• Business Administration with Informatics

PhD programme

• Economics and Business

Courses at the School of Economics and Business

 Courses in English
• All courses 

Daniela Orega Fuentes 2008

Daniela Orega Fuentes 2008

"My Master degree in Economics has been highly relevant for all jobs I’ve had since I graduated in 2008. It has provided me with valuable tools for understanding and analyzing highly complex social contexts. Working with research, my education has proved to be a necessary theoretical background."

Daniela Orge Fuentes, Researcher
Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research.

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