Doctoral theses doktorgrader


Clifton Makate (PhD)

Title: "Seed security in the presence of climate shocks and socioeconomic inequality in Africa"

Andreas Økland (PhD)

Title: "Tax and Secrecy Issues in Real Estate Markets"

Miria Nakamya (PhD)

Title: "Bioenergy for sustainable development in developing countries"

Erik Smith-Meyer (PhD)

Title: "Three Essays on Electricity Prices"

Julia Del Carmen Naime Sanchez Henkel (PhD)

Title: "Drivers of deforestation and incentives for REDD+"

Kari-Anne Fange (PhD)

Title: "Essays on the Reformed Norwegian Electricity Retail Market" 


Anders Dugstad (PhD)

Title: "Applying Stated Preference Methods to Value Ecosystem Services - Methodological Challenges and Validity Tests"

Dag Yngve Dahle (PhD)

Title:  "Approaches to branding and behaviour: Studies of HRM and employee voice through organizational branding"

Menasbo Gebru Tesfay (PhD)

Title:  "Land rental markets, technology adoption, and smallholders’ commercialization in a semi-arid economy"

Aida Tabarroky Ardebili (PhD)

Title: "Personality traits, food values and consumer behavior"

Elise Caspersen (PhD)

Title:  "Freight trip generation and consumer preferences for reducing externalities from last mile deliveries"

Sarah Ephrida Tione (PhD)

Title:  "Land markets and agricultural household decisions nexus in Malawi"


Tom Erik Sønsteng Henriksen (PhD)

Title: "Essays on Commodity Investments" 

Paal Brevik Wangsness (PhD)

Title: "Economics and policies for the electrification of transport"

Kine Josefine Aurland-Bredesen (PhD)

Title: "Optimal economic management of catastrophic risk"

Viktorija Viciunaite (PhD)

Title: "Moving towards sustainability: business models and entrepreneurship in the Norwegian wool industry"

Kidanemariam Abreha Gebretsadik (PhD)

Title: “Demand Side Implications for Irrigation Management and Policies”


Rahat Sabyrbekov (PhD)

Title: "Essays on sustainable use of nature in a developing country context: The case of Kyrgyzstan"

Kevin Raj Kaushal (PhD)

Title: "Climate Change: Impacts and Solutions."

Livingstone Senyonga (PhD)
Title: "Regulation of Electricity Distribution Utilities: Empirical and Theoretical Aspects of Incentive Regulation"

Abrha M. Merissa (PhD)
Title: "Mapping Farmers’ Preferences of Climate Change Adaptation Measures: Stated Preference and Field Experiments in Ethiopia"

Muuz H. Gebremichael (PhD)
Title: "The Economic Implication of Animal Feed Scarcity on Farm Intensification, Food Production and Consumption: Empirical Evidence from Tigrai, Ethiopia"

Ma Lin (PhD)
Title: "Four Essays on the Characteristics of the Oil Market"


Habtamu Alem (PhD)
Title: "The Economic Performance of Small-Scale Agriculture: Measurement, Drivers, and Decomposition of Productivity"

Samson Pilanazo Katengeza (PhD)
Title: "Climate-Smart Agriculture in Malawi: Uptake and opportunities in the Face of Climate Change"

Amare Hailu Teklay (PhD)

Title: "Incentivized Forest Conservation: Spatial Econometric An experimentall evidens"

Md Akhtarul Alam (PhD)
Title: "Aquaculture in Bangladesh: Essays on production variability, consumer preferences and market integration"

Federico Cammelli (PhD)

Title "Persistent miscoordination: an economics of Amazon fires"


Fredrik Andersen (PhD)

Title: "Experience and Theory: A Defense of the Kantian A priori and Kepler’s Philosophy of Science in Light of Modern Space-Time Physics"

Arnar Mar Buason (PhD)

Title: “Time and Money: A Study of Purchasing Decisions”

Torunn Fretheim (PhD) 
Title: "Four essays on commodity price dynamics and risks"

Øyvind Handberg (PhD) 
Title: "Local forest use and conservation: Framed field experiments in Tanzania"


Hambulo Ngoma (PhD) 
Title: "Conservation agriculture, livelihoods and deforestation in Zambia"

Nina Bruvik Westberg (PhD)
Title: "Four empirical essays on agriculture and human capital in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Daumantas Bloznelis (PhD)

Title: "Management of short-term price unsertainty in the salmon spot market"

Igor Pipkin (PhD)
Title: "Essays om det russiske elektrisitets- og Kapasitetsmarked"

Pål Joranger (PhD)
Title: "Health Economic Evaluations of Shoulder Pain, Colorectal Cancer and Scoliosis"

Xianwen Chen (PhD)
Title: "Four Essays on Consumer Studies, Market Simulation, and International Trade of Fish"

Stefan Marcus Flügel (PhD)
Title: "Essays in Transport Economics - Challenges in Modelling Travel Mode Choice and User Benefits"

Susann Gjerde (PhD)
Title: "Tre tilnærminger til mestring av lederrollen"

Meron Assefa Arega (PhD)
Title: "Matvareprisene i Afrika Sør for Sahara: Fire Essay om Kornpriser, Matbistand, Handel Over Landegrensene og Drivstoffpriser"

Roselyne Alphonce (PhD)
Title: "Eliciting WTP for food quality attributes"

Sofie Waage Skjeflo (PhD)
Title: "Climate change and agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa: Four approaches to modeling rural households"


Bethelhem Legesse Debela (PhD)
Title: "Attaining Secure Rural Livelihood: The Role of Household Strategies and Public Interventions"

Maren Elise Bachke (PhD)
Title: "Pathways to development"

Alexander Schjøll (PhD)
Title: "Consumer preferences for animal welfare: What can we learn from resturant, store and web experiments"

Thabbie Chilongo (PhD)
Title: "The Role of Forests in Livelihoods around Chimaliro and Liwonde Forest Reserves in Malawi"

Therese Dokken (PhD)
Title: "Tenure rights, forest reliance and policies for reducing deforestation and forest degradation"

Burhan Ahmad (PhD)
Title: "Four Essays on Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Markets in Pakistan"

Casper Claudi Rasmussen (PhD)
Title: "SME Growth: The Role of Collectively Competence-based Resources"


Shuling Chen Lillemo (PhD)

Thesis: "Consumers and Bioenergy: The effects of behavioural factors on households’ heating consumption choice in Norway"


John Herbert Ainembabazi (PhD)
Thesis: Landholding, Forest extraction and Poverty in Uganda

Akhtaruzzaman Khan (PhD)
Thesis: Efficiency, Risk and Management of Fisheries Sector in Bangladesh

Daniel Muluwork Atsbeha (PhD)
Thesis:  "The Economics of Dairy Production: Effects of Breeding and Marketing Quotas"

Arnstein Øvrum (PhD)
Thesis: Socioeconomic status and health: the role of lifestyle choices

Faisal Mirza (PhD)
Thesis: Consumption, price asymmetries, transmission congestion and market power in the Norwegian electricity market


Kenneth Løvold Rødseth (PhD)
Thesis: Treatment of Undesirable Outputs in Production Analysis: Desirable Modeling Strategies and Applications

Alex Tatwangire (PhD)
Thesis: Access to Productive Assets and Impact on Household Welfare in Rural Uganda

Jeetendra Prakash Aryal(PhD)
Thesis: Caste Discrimination, Land Tenure, and Natural Resource Management in Nepal


Valborg Kvakkestad (PhD)
Thesis: Institutions and GMOs: Shaping Perspectives and Organisms

Marie Gotteberg Steen (PhD)
Thesis: The Flower Markets: Five essays on flower prices 1993-2008

Hosa'ena H. Ghebru (PhD)
Thesis: Land Policy Reforms and the Land Rental Market in Ethiopia: Equity, Productivity and Welfare Implications

Million Tadesse (PhD)
Thesis: Essays on Contracts, Risk Coping and Technology Adoption in Ethiopia

Sosina Chiksa (PhD)
Thesis: Rural nonfarm employment in Ethiopia: Participation, impacts and dynamics

Getaw Tadesse Gebreyohanes (PhD)
Thesis: Commodity Prices and Market Institutions in Ethiopia

Rodney Witman Lunduka (PhD)
Thesis: Land rental markets, investment and productivity under customary land tenure systems in Malawi

Dag Standal (Dr. Philos.)
Thesis: Unlocking the Concept of Capacity in Modern Fisheries Management


Erlend Nybakk (PhD)
Thesis: Innovation and entrepreneurship in small firms : the influence of entrepreneurial attitudes, external relationships and learning orientation

Katrine Soma (PhD)
Thesis: Participatory decision support to complex environmental management

Henrik Lindhjem (PhD)
Thesis: Methodological issues in meta-analysis, benefit transfer and environmental valuation


Gebrehaweria Gebregziabher Gebrezgi (PhD)
Thesis: Risk and irrigation investment in a semi-arid economy

Per Kristian K. L. Rørstad (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Essays on the multifunctionality of agriculture and policy options

Worku Tessema Engeda (PhD)
Thesis: Poverty, Resource Use and Intensification Strategies of Smallholders under Population Pressure in Southern Ethiopia

Orvika Rosnes (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Short-term effects of long-term policies: climate policies in power markets

Adane Tuffa Debela (PhD)
Thesis: Policy Reforms, Soil Fertility Management, Cash Cropping and Agricultural Productivity in Ethiopia


Tran Huu Tuan (Dr. Scient)
Thesis: Essays on economic valuation of cultural and natural resources in Vietnam


Charles Blessings Laurence Jumbe (PhD)
Thesis: Community forest management, poverty and energy use in Malawi


Menale Kassie (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Technology adoption, land rental contracts and agricultural productivity

Dadi Kristofersson (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Markets and heterogeneous goods


Geir W. Gustavsen (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis:  Essays on food demand analysis


Robert Lalla (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Bønder i Antarktis.  Hvalfangst og landbruk 1925-1940

Ola Flaten  (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Økonomiske analyser av tilpassinger i norsk mjølkeproduksjon

Frode Alfnes (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Willingness to Pay for Quality in Experimental Auction Markets and Stated Choice Surveys

Fitsum Hagos (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Poverty, Institutions, Peasant Behaviour and Conservation Investment in Northern Ethiopia

Mahari Okbasillassie Tikabo (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Land Tenure in the Highlands of Eritrea: Economic Theory and Empirical Evidence


Klaus Mittenzwei (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Formalizing the rules of the game: A study on the role of institutions in Norwegian agricultural policy.

Atle Guttormsen (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Essays on Aquaculture Economics and Management.

Even Lanseng (Dr. Scient.)
Thesis: Consistency in Tastes:  A Study of the Consistency in Consumers’ Aesthetic Judgements Across Product Categories.

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