Tower Building UMB
Tower Building, NMBU Photo: Even Bratberg

There is currently great interest in the development of national and international commodity markets. Strong growth in so-called "emerging economies", such as China and India, has created high prices and strong demand for raw materials. For agricultural commodities the last decade has been defined by large fluctuations in production, including output disruptions due to extreme weather events. We have also seen large fluctuations in prices, which in special cases has led to export restrictions and additional variability and uncertainty. This has led to an increasing interest in how governments and organizations can use various market instruments to manage the risks associated with price fluctuations. The objective is to protect the poorest consumers from high prices.

Norway is a commodity-dependent economy. We are therefore interested in understanding price movements and price variation for key commodities - such as agriculture, oil, fish and electricity - all of which carry great importance in the Norwegian economy. The goal of NCCMA is to create an innovative center focusing on commodity market fundamentals, investing and risk management. The partnership with the NMBU School of Economics and Business will benefit the students by making commodities research an integrated part of the education program.

You can find information about some of our key people and their research here.

Published 12. June 2014 - 8:15 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:36