New journal papers

New Journal Papers 2014

Berge, Erling, Daimon Kambewa, Alister Munthali, and Henrik Wiig (2014). Lineage and land reforms in Malawi: Do matrilineal and patrilineal landholding systems represent a problem for land reforms in Malawi?. Land Use Policy, Vol. 41, Issue 0, pp. 61-69.

Sosina Bezu and Stein Holden (2014). Demand for second-stage land certification in Ethiopia: Evidence from household panel data. Land Use Policy, Vol. 41, pp. 193–205.

Joseph Mawejje and Stein Terje Holden (2014). Social Capital, Shocks and Livestock Investments: Evidence from Masaka District, Uganda. International Journal of Development Issues. Vol.2, Issue 2.

Stein T. Holden and Rodney W. Lunduka (2014). Input subsidies, cash constraints, and timing of input supply. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 96, Issue 3, pp. 290-307.

Sosina Bezu, Girma T. Kassie, Bekele Shiferaw and Jacob Ricker - Gilbert (2014). Impact of Improved Maize Adoption on Welfare of Farm Households in Malawi: A Panel Data Analysis. World Development, Vol. 59, pp. 120-131. - Summary

Holden, Stein T.  andOtsuka, Keijiro (2014). The roles of land tenure reforms and land markets in the context of population growth and land use intensification in Africa. Food Policy, in press. - Abstract

New Journal Papers 2013

Holden, S. T. and Lunduka, R. (2013). Who Benefit from Malawi's Input Subsidy Program? Forum For Development Studies 40(1), pp. 1-25. - Abstract

Gebru, Bahre and Bezu, Sosina (2013). Environmental resource collection: implications for children's schooling in Tigray, northern Ethiopia. Environmental and Development Economics, Vol. 19, Issue 2, pp. 182 - 200. - Abstract

New Journal Papers 2012

Holden, S. T. and Lunduka, R. (2012). Do Fertilizer Subsidies Crowd Out Organic Manures? The Case of Malawi. Agricultural Economics 43, pp. 301-312. - Abstract 

Aryal, J. P. and Holden, S. T. (2012). Livestock and Land Share Contracts in a Hindu Society. Agricultural Economics 43, 593-606. - Abstract - Summary

New Journal Papers 2011

Berge, Erling, and Eda Kranakis. 2011. Technology-dependent commons: The radio spectrum. International Journal of the Commons 5 (1):86-91.

Berge, Erling, and Frank von Laerhoven. 2011. Governing the Commons for two decades: A complex story. International Journal of the Commons 5 (2):160-187.

Gebregziabher, G. and Holden, S. T. (2011). Distress Rentals and the Land Rental Market as a Safety Net: Evidence from Tigray, Ethiopia. Agricultural Economics 42, 45-60. Abstract - Summary

Holden, S. T., Deininger, K. and Ghebru, H. (2011). Tenure Insecurity, Gender, Low-cost Land Certification and Land Rental Market Participation. Journal of Development Studies 47(1), 31-47. Summary - Earlier version - Powerpoint.

Laerhoven, Frank von, and Erling Berge. 2011. The 20th anniversary of Elinor Ostrom's Governing the Commons. International Journal of the Commons 5 (1):1-8.

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