New Journal Paper explores adverse motivational effects of payments for environmental services

The paper "Pay little, get little; pay more, get a little more: A framed forest experiment in Tanzania" written by Øyvind Nystad Handberg and Arild Angelsen has been published in Ecological Economics.  

Oxfam Hong Kong

New Journal Paper on climate risk and state-contingent technology adoption

The paper "Climate risk and state-contingent technology adoption: shocks, drought tolerance and preferences" written by Stein T. Holden and John Quiggin has been published in European Review of Agricultural Economics.

Ankasa Forest Conservation area at the center and land uses close to the conservation area (from left to right on top are wetland, cassava farm, cocoa farm whereas from left to right in the bottom are rubber plantation, fallow land, and coconut plantation)

New Journal Paper on ecosystem service values and on-site REDD + opportunity cost

The paper "The Ankasa Forest Conservation Area of Ghana: Ecosystem service values and on-site REDD + opportunity cost" written by Mesfin Tilahun, Lawrence Damnyag and Luke C.N. Anglaaere has been published in Forest Policy and Economics.

Sam Katengeza

Speaker at 5th AAAE Conference

Sam Katengeza, PhD student at the School of Economics and Business, held presentation with the title "Adoption of Drought Tolerant Maize Varieties under Rainfall Stress in Malawi" at the 5th AAAE Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

New Journal Paper on household-level preferences

The paper "Household-level preferences for mitigation of Prosopis juliflora invasion in the Afar region of Ethiopia: a contingent valuation" written by Mesfin Tilahun, Regina Birner and  John Ilukorhas been published in Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Social capital

New Journal paper on social capital

The paper "Does social network capital buy higher agricultural prices? A case of coffee in Masaka district, Uganda" written by Joseph Mawejje and Stein T. Holden has been published in the International Journal of Social Economics.

Rural youth in Ethiopia

New Journal Paper on rural youth in Ethiopia

The paper "Are Rural Youth in Ethiopia Abandoning Agriculture?" written by Sosina Bezu and Stein T. Holden has been published in the international journal World Development.

Annual Report

CLTS Annual Report 2013

CLTS Annual Report 2013 is now available online.


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