CLTS Bylaws

Approved by the CLTS Board 2nd November 2011, amended 13 February 2012, 3 June 2014, and 17 March 2017.

1. The Centre for Land Tenure Studies (CLTS) shall contribute to research, teaching, innovations and dissemination on land tenure studies.

2. The board consists of three representatives appointed by the deans of the three faculties, one board member from each of the School of Economics and Business, the Faculty of Landscape and Society, and the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management.

3. The board meets at least once a year to decide the annual plan with budget, the annual report with accounts, and the dues to be paid by each Faculty.

4. Funding of CLTS depends on external sources.

5. The board adapts the accounting system to encourage joint activities and sustain the activities of the Centre, and decides who has authority to allocate the income of the centre.

6. A working group consisting of one person from each relevant research group in the participating Faculties leads the Centre activities.

7. Dissolving the centre requires a unanimous decision by the board.

8. Publications from the researchers in CLTS must list the respective Faculties as their institutional affiliation.

Eva Falleth
Dean of Faculty of Landscape and Society

Ragnar Øygard
Dean of NMBU School of Economics and Business

Sjur Baardsen
Dean of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management


Published 9. December 2016 - 13:43 - Updated 30. March 2017 - 14:41