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Climate, resources, energy and environment (KREM)
+Centre for Land Tenure Studies

Climate, resources, energy and environment (KREM)

  • Energy Climate Resources Environment

The research group focuses on the efficient and sustainable use of energy and natural resources, in particular the implications on human welfare, the environment and climate change.

Climate, resources, energy and environment (KREM)

The research covers a wide range of topics, including: energy markets, valuation of natural environments, consumer behaviour, use of petroleum resources, carbon markets, management of agricultural land tropical forest, and land markets. Methodologically, the research includes analytical methods, simulation models, econometrics, institutional analysis, valuation studies and field experiments. Geographically, the research can be divided into three main areas: (i) Norwegian environmental and climate policies, (ii) land and resource use in developing countries, and (iii) international climate policy.


Published 29. February 2016 - 10:15 - Updated 23. January 2019 - 8:17