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The workshop will be hosted by the Norwegian Agricultural Museum, centrally located at the UMB campus.
The workshop will be hosted by the Norwegian Agricultural Museum, centrally located at the UMB campus. Photo:



For registration, send an email to before Friday 12 April.


There are no hotels at Ås, so we advice that people stay in Oslo, which is a 30 minutes train ride away from Ås. The speakers will be staying at Rica Oslo Hotel located just across the street from Oslo Central Station (Oslo S). Cross the street and keep right when leaving the train station. The entrance to the hotel is around the corner of the yellow block facing the station, at a small square to the right.

Google street view of hotel

For a budget option use search engines such as, hotelopia or Just make sure that the hotel in Oslo is close to Oslo S / Jernbanetorget (Oslo Central Station).


There is an airport train between Oslo Airport and Oslo Central Station (170 NOK) which is only 20 minutes. It usually leaves every 10 minutes and is much faster than bus or car, which takes almost an hour. Taxies in Norway are expensive, so keep to public transport if you can.

How to get to UMB at Ås from Oslo: The trains leave from Oslo Central Station towards Moss at 19 past every hour, normally from track 9 or 10. We should catch the 08:19 train to get to Ås in time for the workshop. The train takes less than 30 minutes from Oslo to Ås. UMB campus is a short walk from Ås train station.

NB! Tickets should be bought at the red machines at the station before you enter the train. This takes some time, so it is best to buy return tickets for all three days in advance. Help is found by the machines.

How to get to the University: The train ticket gives you a free bus transfer, so one can get the bus 906 towards Dyrløkke/Frogn VGS and get off at the stop called Universitetet i Ås. The bus takes only 3 minutes and leaves 52 past every hour from Ås train station and every 15 minutes. The building is number 39 on the UMB campus map. Alternatively, the university is a 20 minute walk from the train station. A map for walking is found here. The symposium will be located at Norsk Landbruksmuseum (Norwegian Agricultural Museum) which is next to the Swan Pond on UMB campus.

How to get to Oslo Airport Gardermoen from UMB: If you are travelling straight from the symposium to the airport, there is an airport bus that goes from Korsegården (by E6) 37 minutes past every hour in the afternoon and evening. But it is also easy to travel to Oslo Gardermoen by train via Oslo Central Station.

How to get to Rygge Airport from UMB: If some of you are travelling to Rygge Airport straight from the symposium, there is an airport bus from Korsegården (by E6). (For departures, choose a date on the calendar, click 'finn bussavganger' and choose your flight to see which bus you need to get.

Claim your travel expenses

Your flight tickets, train tickets etc. will be reimbursed after your travel. This is what we need from you to do so:

·         Filled in and signed travel expenses form. Remember to fill in your name, address, date of birth (under 'national identity no' if you are not Norwegian) and signature. If there is not enough space, fill it in under Remarks on the back of the form.

·         Original receipts for air fare

·         Boarding passes

·         Ticket stubs for trains etc.

·         A copy of your passport

·         Name and address of your bank

·         Bank account number

·         IBAN

·         SWIFT code


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