The event will take place in the Agricultural Museum at UMB campus
The event will take place in the Agricultural Museum at UMB campus Photo:

The Metaphysics of Free Will - empowerment, agency and freedom

UMB, 16-18 April 2013



Jonathan Webber, Cardiff: 'Attitudes as Personal and Subpersonal Dispositions'

Tim O'Connor, Indiana: 'Agent Causation in a Neo-Aristotelian Metaphysics'

Ruth Groff, Saint Louis: ‘What Should a Powers-Based Theory of Free Will be About?

Simone Gozzano, L’Aquila: ‘On Mental Dispositions, Abilities and Free Will

Randolph Clarke, Florida: ‘Free Will and Agential Powers

Thor Sandmel, Oslo: ‘Who Am I?

Mark Bickhard, Lehigh: 'An Emergentist Argument Against Contemporary Reductionist Neuropsychology'

Thomas Mueller, Utrecht: ‘Agency in an Indeterministic World

Niels van Miltenburg, Utrecht: ‘Escaping the Roll Back Argument: implications for the metaphysics of action

Anne Sophie Spann, Innsbruck: 'Bio-powers and Free Will'

Georg Gasser, Innsbruck: ‘Human agents as freely acting powerful particulars

Sara Bernstein, Duke, and Jessica Wilson, Toronto: ‘Free Will and Mental Causation

Charlotte Alderwick, Sheffield: ‘Schelling, Freedom, and Powers Ontology

Emmanuel Baierle, Fribourg: ‘Phenomenological Reflections on Free Decisions: In Defense of Agential Powers

Trond Skaftnesmo, Haugesund: 'Consciousness and Brain: Some reasons why psychophysical reductionism must fail'

Stephen Mumford, Nottingham: ‘The Power to Will

Rani Lill Anjum, Ås UMB: ‘A New Argument Against Compatibilism


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Photo: Margrethe Brynem
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