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All information about the program for the workshop 'The Metaphysics of Free Will - empowerment, agency and freedom' will be posted here.


 The event will take place in the Agricultural Museum at UMB campus
The event will take place in the Agricultural Museum at UMB campus Photo:

The Metaphysics of Free Will - empowerment, agency and freedom

UMB, 16-18 April 2013



Jonathan Webber, Cardiff: 'Attitudes as Personal and Subpersonal Dispositions'

Tim O'Connor, Indiana: 'Agent Causation in a Neo-Aristotelian Metaphysics'

Ruth Groff, Saint Louis: ‘What Should a Powers-Based Theory of Free Will be About?

Simone Gozzano, L’Aquila: ‘On Mental Dispositions, Abilities and Free Will

Randolph Clarke, Florida: ‘Free Will and Agential Powers

Thor Sandmel, Oslo: ‘Who Am I?

Mark Bickhard, Lehigh: 'An Emergentist Argument Against Contemporary Reductionist Neuropsychology'

Thomas Mueller, Utrecht: ‘Agency in an Indeterministic World

Niels van Miltenburg, Utrecht: ‘Escaping the Roll Back Argument: implications for the metaphysics of action

Anne Sophie Spann, Innsbruck: 'Bio-powers and Free Will'

Georg Gasser, Innsbruck: ‘Human agents as freely acting powerful particulars

Sara Bernstein, Duke, and Jessica Wilson, Toronto: ‘Free Will and Mental Causation

Charlotte Alderwick, Sheffield: ‘Schelling, Freedom, and Powers Ontology

Emmanuel Baierle, Fribourg: ‘Phenomenological Reflections on Free Decisions: In Defense of Agential Powers

Trond Skaftnesmo, Haugesund: 'Consciousness and Brain: Some reasons why psychophysical reductionism must fail'

Stephen Mumford, Nottingham: ‘The Power to Will

Rani Lill Anjum, Ås UMB: ‘A New Argument Against Compatibilism


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Photo: Margrethe Brynem
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