PhD course

PHD course

2-6 September 2012, Oslo and Ås



2 September, 12-16: Introductory lectures by Stephen Mumford and Ragnar Fjelland at Oslo By Steinerskole, St. Olavs gate.

3-5 September, 9:30-17: CauPhy workshop at Ås, UMB

6 September, 10-13: Summary discussion and essay preparations with Johan Arnt Myrstad at Ås, UMB


Course description

The course is 5 days in total (approx. 40 hours), plus preparations.

Students are expected to follow all three days of the CauPhy workshop as well as the two course days. The first day of the course there will be a couple of introductory lectures to prepare the students for the topics of the workshop. The final day will be reserved for discussion and preparation of the essay writing. The work-load of the essay is estimated to 3 full weeks and will be evaluated accordingly.

Participation at all days of the course and workshop, plus essay writing, amounts to 10 credits.

There will be no credits given if these requirements are not met. 

An essay must be handed in no later than 15 October (6-8000 words or about 15 pages). The topic of the essay must be related to one of the central themes of the workshop, such as causation, dispositions, philosophy of physics, time and/or space, reductionism, causal realism or modality. If possible, relate your essay to your own research.

Suggested background reading

David Bohm (1984) Causality and Chance in Modern Physics, Routledge

Tim Maudlin (2010) The Metaphysics Within Physics, Oxford University Press

Lars-Göran Johansson (2007) Interpreting Quantum Mechanics: A Realistic View in Schrodinger's Vein, Ashgate

Mauricio Suárez (ed.) (2011) Probabilities, Causes and Propensities in Physics, Springer

NB: It is possible to use other relevant literature for the essay instead, as long as the reading list is approximately 5-600 pages.

The course will be given in English. There is no course fee, but the participants must cover their own expenses (travel, accommodation, food). Registration is open for as long as there are available spaces to


The course is organised by CauSci and UMB School of Economics and Business.


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