CauBio - Causation and Reductionism in Biology and Beyond

Ås, UMB Campus, TF-bygningen, room TF102-3 (fløy III)

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Tuesday 18 October – International symposium

Session I

Chair: Rani Lill Anjum

9:30-10:00      Coffee and welcome

10:00-11:20    John Dupré: Finding Causes in Biological Systems

11:35-12:15    Frode Kjosavik: Genetic Information and the Causal Parity Thesis

12:20-13:00    Svein Anders Noer Lie: Multicausality and the Combinatorial Puzzle (paper)

13:00-14:00    Lunch

Session II

Chair: Stephen Mumford

14:00-14:40    Deborah Oughton: Ecosystem Changes at Chernobyl: A case study in causal complexity

14:45-15:25    Roger Kerry: Causal Dispositionalism in Health Science

15:25-15:45    Break

15:45-16:25    Thomas Bøhn: Gene Ecology versus Reductionism in Biology (Powerpoint)

16:30-17:10    Rani Lill Anjum: A Biologically Disposed Theory of Causation (handout)

Wednesday 19 October – International symposium

Session I

Chair: Roger Strand

10:00-11:20    Stephen Mumford: Life, the Universe and Everything – or: How Complexity Could Emerge from Simple Causes (handout)

11:35-12:15    Elias Núñez: Getting Around Reductive Physicalism: How Organization Matters

12:20-13:00    Elena Rocca: Reductionism and context simplification in Developmental Biology: Some Considerations from a Study Case

13:00-14:00    Lunch

Session II

Chair: Rani Lill Anjum

14:00-14:40    Thor Sandmel: Intentions and Causes - Why do I do what I do? (Paper)

14:45-15:25    Thor Eirik Eriksen: Waiting for an Explanation

15:25-15:45    Break

15:45-16:25    Ronny Selbæk Myhre: Evolution and the Neurodynamics of Consciousness

16:30-17:10    Magni Martens and Finn Tschudi: Reflections on Causality: Traps and Challenges


Thursday 20 October – International Symposium

Session I

Chair: Stephen Mumford

10:00-10:40    Roger Strand: Structure-Function Relationships Revisited (Powerpoint)

10:45-11:25    Andreas Hüttemann and Marie I. Kaiser: Dispositions and Causal Processes in Biology

11:35-12:15    Fredrik Andersen: From Phenomenon to Science: A quick look at scientific simplifications

12:20-13:00    Camilla Svensen: Causal Complexity in the Organic Soup: Perspectives from marine system ecology

13:00-14:00    Lunch

Session II

Chair: Roger Strand

14:00-14:40    Abel Ruben Hernandez-Ulloa and Elias Núñez: Knowledge of Evolution and the Evolution of Knowledge: Causation through Constructivism in Theory and Practice

14:45-15:25    Terje Kvilhaug: The theory-constructive function of metaphors in biology 

15:25-15:35    Break

Chair: Rani Lill Anjum

15:35-16:15    Harald Martens: The Informative Converse Paradox: Windows into the Unknown



There are no hotels at Ås, so we suggest that people stay in Oslo (30 minutes train ride away from Ås) or Ski (5 minutes train ride or 15-20 minutes bus ride from Ås).

We expect that most people will prefer to stay in Oslo, but we offer Ski as an option to save time and money for transport back and forth to UMB. For a budget option, one can probably find cheaper hotel deals by using, hotelopia or Just make sure that the hotel in Oslo is close to either Oslo S / Jernbanetorget (Oslo Central Station) or Nationalteatret train station.

We have made a deal with two hotels, one in Oslo and one in Ski, both for around 1000 NOK (108 GBP, 125 EUR, 170 USD) per night:

Rica Victoria Hotel Oslo:

This hotel is in the middle of Oslo Center and very close to Nationalteatret train station and almost equally close to Oslo S (central station).

Book room here at the conference rate before 17. September (Obs! limited number of rooms). Use the form or send the required information to Reference number: 10070823. Single room: 1065 NOK per night. Double room: 1065 NOK per night. Prices include breakfast and free wifi.

Map with direction from Nationalteatret to hotel

Map with directions from Oslo S to the hotel

Google street view of hotel from Stortingsgata


Thon Hotel Ski:

This hotel is next to Ski train station and in the centre. Ski has a number of shops and some places to eat. Book room at the conference rate at Log in as 'Firmakunde' TH21708118 and 'Firma' UMB. Single room: 950 NOK per night, Double room (max 2 people): 1250 NOK per night. Prices include breakfast and free wifi.

Map over Ski train station and hotel

Google street view of hotel from train station


Travel to and from UMB, Ås:

How to get to UMB at Ås from Oslo: The trains leave from Nationalteatret train station towards Moss at 43 past every hour, and from Oslo Central Station 48 past every hour, normally from track 9 or 10. We should catch the 08:43 train to get to Ås in time for the workshop. The train takes less than 30 minutes from Oslo to Ås. UMB campus is a short walk from Ås train station.

How to get to UMB at Ås from Ski: There is a train from Ski towards Ås  11 past every hour. It only takes 5 minutes. There is also a bus (number 906 towards Dyrløkke) 12 and 42 past every hour. The bus stops at the UMB campus (the stop is called Aud Max) and takes about 15-20 minutes.

How to get to the University: The university is a short walk from the train station. A map for walking is found here. See the google street view to spot the white concrete building (to the right) where the symposium will be located. One can also get the bus 906 towards Dyrløkke and get off at the stop called Aud Max. The bus leaves 27 and 57 past every hour from Ås train station. The building is number 51 (to the far right of it) on the UMB campus map. Please note that the Monday PhD course is in a different location.

How to get to Oslo Airport Gardermoen from UMB: If you are travelling straight from the symposium to the airport, there is an airport bus that goes from Korsegården (by E6) 37 minutes past every hour in the afternoon and evening.

How to get to Rygge Airport from UMB: If some of you are travelling to Rygge Airport straight from the symposium, there is an airport bus from Korsegården (by E6) at 17:52 on Thursday and 16:32 on Friday. (For other departures, choose a date on the calendar, click 'finn bussavganger' and choose your flight to see which bus you need to get.)


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