Collaborative network

Tower Building, UMB Campus
Tower Building, UMB Campus Photo: Even Bratberg

Host Institution

School of Economics and Business
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Institutional Partners

  • SVT - Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (SVT), University of Bergen (Contact person: Professor Roger Strand)
  • Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham (Contact person: Professor Stephen Mumford)
Nottingham University
Nottingham University Photo:
Senter for Vitenskapsteori
Senter for Vitenskapsteori Photo:


Methods of Causal Inference and Scientific Representation, Project Director: Mauricio Suárez, Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, Complutense University of Madrid.

The Architecture of Personal Dispositions, Project Directors: Jonathan Webber, University of Cardiff, and Alberto Masala, Paris - Sorbonne.

Powers Structuralism in Ancient Ontology, Project Director: Anna Marmodoro, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford.

Dynamis - The Finnish Network for Metaphysics, Project Directors: Jani Hakkarainen (Tampere), Markku Keinänen (Turku) , Tuomas E. Tahko (Helsinki).

CFCUL - Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Lisbon, Head of the centre: Olga Pombo.

Law & Technology, Project Director: Markus Stepanians, Human Technology Centre, RWTH Aachen University.

The Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (Enschede)

Egenis - The Centre for Genomics in Society, Project Director: John Dupré, University of Exeter.

GenØk - Centre for Biosafety, Scientific Director: Thomas Bøhn, Tromsø.

Reflexive Systems Biology, Project Director: Roger Strand, SVT - Senter for Vitenskapsteori, University of Bergen.

PSBio - Philosophical Foundations of Systems Biology, Project Director: Gry Oftedal, University of Oslo.

Understanding and influencing Causality of Change in Socio-Technical Systems, Project Directors: Kenneth Boff, Willian Rouse, Penelope Sanderson.

Photo: the lake
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