Stephen Mumford

Celebration of the official opening of CAPS

CAPS would like to welcome everyone to the official opening of the centre. There will be a reception with drinks and cake, and philosopher Stephen Mumford will talk about free will.

Elena Rocca

CAPS presents lecture series

The official opening of our new Centre for Applied Philosophy of Science at NMBU is marked with a lecture series, CAPS presents. The lectures are open for all.

Samantha Copeland

Interdisciplinary society on serendipity - and a new CAPS publication

In this interview, CAPS philosopher Samantha Copeland explains what serendipity, and the Serendipity Society, is all about. We also learn more about her new article on serendipity for Synthese.

Rani Lill Anjum and Elena Rocca at the ECAP9 conference in Munich

Report from the Philosophy of Pharmacology session at the 9th Congress of Analytic Philosophy (ECAP9)

Representing the CauseHealth project, Elena Rocca and Rani Anjum went to ECAP9 in Munich in August for a joint session on the philosophy of pharmacology.

Professor Trish Greenhalgh

Next CauseHealth event: The Guidelines Challenge

This conference brings together practitioners, guidelines networks and philosophers of science to address the general problem of how to put the tools of philosophy to use in improving the development and implementation of healthcare guidelines. Keynote speakers: Nancy Cartwright, Trish Greenhalgh, Mike Kelly and Brian Broom.


New publication on risk assessment

In a new article, 'How biological background assumptions influence scientific risk evaluation of stacked genetically modified plants', published in Life Sciences, Society and PolicyElena Rocca and Fredrik Andersen show that, when evaluating health risks related to the use of genetically modified plants in agriculture, different ontological starting points play an essential role for the final risk evaluation.


Evidence synthesis in pharmacology

Report from the interdisciplinary workshop Drug Safety, Probabilistic Causal Assessment, and Evidence Synthesis, organised by the PhilPharma project at the Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy.

PHI302 class 2016

Causation in Science module at NMBU

The CAPS philosophers have developed a module that gives students a chance to reflect critically over the foundations of scientific methods, norms and practices. The course is taught in the June block.


Better evidence for better healthcare - a CauseHealth discussion

A blog series from the CauseHealth collaborators commenting on the CEBM initiative for improving healthcare.


Best Thesis Award to CAPS philosopher

Samantha Copeland has won one of two Best Thesis Awards from Dalhousie University for her doctoral thesis on serendipity.

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

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