About School of Economics and Business

The School of Economics and Business offers a comprehensive range of teaching and research in economics, business economics, organization, entrepreneurship and innovation – as well as philosophy and theory of science.


The School of Economics and Business combines research and education in subjects such as economics, business management, entrepreneurship and innovation, organizations, environmental and natural resource economics, energy economics and climate, development economics, commodity market analysis, finance, consumer behaviour and philosophy.

Studies at the School of Economics and Business

We offer the following degree programs:

Master's degree programs
Applied Economics and Sustainability (taught in English)
Business Administration (taught in Norwegian)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (taught in Norwegian)

Bachelor's degree programs (taught in Norwegian)
• Economics
• Business Administration

PhD program
• Economics



Our staff is engaged in a wide range of research projects, as is demonstrated by the Department’s record of international publications.

• Publications

Centers and research groups
Centre for Land Tenure Studies
Climate, resources, energy and environment (KREM)
Norwegian Center for Commodity Market Analysis
Strategy, organization, and leadership (SOL)


Håkon Sparre

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