2012 ─ 2015

Siri Furre - December 11th 2015

Siri Furre - December 11th 2015

Genetic analyses of performance traits in the Nordic riding horse populations and the possibilities of future joint genetic evaluation

Margareth Opheim - December 4th 2015

Margareth Opheim - December 4th 2015

Hydrolysis of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) rest raw materials. Influence of process conditions and evaluation of hydrolysate in diets for broiler chickens and piglets.

Kristin Sivertsen Storli - October 30th 2015

Kristin Sivertsen Storli - October 30th 2015

Rearing Norwegian Red heifers; growth and effects on subsequent milk production of primiparous cows

Cecilie Ødegård - October 2nd 2015

Cecilie Ødegård - October 2nd 2015

Genetic analyses of performance traits in the Nordic riding horse populations and the possibilities of future joint genetic evaluation

Borghild Hillestad - May 29th 2015

Inbreeding determined by the amount of homozygous regions in the genome

Patricia Isabel Mota Silva - January 23rd 2015

The neural basis of threat sensitive behaviour in fish

Rachel Chojnacki - December 19th 2014

Prenatal social environment in goats – effect of animal stocking densities

Tonje Marie Storlien - December 12th 2014

Feeding strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from dairy cows 

Nguyen Thanh Trung - November 25th 2014

Nutritive values of selected forages for ruminants in Vietnam. Supplementation of varying level of cassava root meal and groundnut cake during growing phase, and its effect on performance of Laisind cattle in the finishing phase

Naidankhuu Minjigdorj - November 13th 2014

Mongolian Mare Milk Composition

Rama Bangera - October 2nd 2014

Genetic aspects of disease resistance in Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua L.)

Torunn Aasmundstad - September 26th 2014

Optimal selection for stayability and functionality in pigs

Mulubrhan Balehegn Gebremikael - September 12th 2014

Indigenous fodder trees and shrubs in Northern Ethiopia: Potentials and challenges for silvopastoral utilization

Ismail Selemani - September 11th 2014

Grazing and feeding strategies for improving small-scale agro-pastoral livestock productions in Tanzania

Magnus Åsli - March 5th 2014

Novel processing treatments for the production of lightly salted fish fillets

Anders Skaarud - January 24th 2014

Maximising genetic gain and controlling inbreeding in aquaculture breeding programs

Felipe Eduardo Reveco Urzúa - December 13th 2013

Intestinal microbiota and transcriptomic responses in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fed soybean meal and microbial ingredients

Marco A. Vindas - November 22nd 2013

Learning, memory and brain function in fishes: access points to understand the evolution of affective states

Adrijana Skugor - June 17th 2013

Transkripsjonsprofilering av maternelle faktorer i embryo hos Atlantisk torsk (Gadus morhua) og funksjonen av Dead end i utviklingen av de primordiale kimcellene

Nicole Nyquist - June 7th 2013

Fatty acid composition and selenium content in chicken feed; influences on chicken health and meat nutritional value

Hilde Hauge - March 22nd 2013

Equine-assisted activities for adolescents and the impact on social support and task-specific mastery - a study integrating psychological variables with ethological methods

Yunpeng Wang - March 7th 2013

Linking the heritability concept to systems dynamics

Maike Oehme - March 1st 2013

Feed utilization can be improved by optimizing physical pellet quality and feeding equipment in salmonid farming

Hanna Helgeland - January 25th 2013

Characterization of genes involved in carotenoid metabolism in Atlantic salmon

Kahsay Gebremariam Nirea - January 18th 2013

Mating design that realizes genomic potential in aquaculture breeding

Nataša Djaković - December 18th 2012

Female mating behaviour in reindeer

Duong Van Nhiem - December 17th 2012

Improved productivity and quality of beef cattle based on locally available feed resources in North Vietnam

Binyam Sime Dagnachew - November 16th 2012

Multivariate genome and milk specter information: opportunities to improve milk quality (Multivariat genom- og mjølkespekterinformasjon: høve til å betra mjølkekvalitet)

Thomas Larsson - November 12th 2012

Molecular basis of fillet firmness in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

Steffen Adler - November 9th 2012

Fatty acid composition and fat-soluble vitamin concentrations in organically produced bovine milk: Effects of botanical composition in forages from short-term or long-term grasslands

Bente Aspeholen Åby - October 12th 2012

Breeding goals in beef cattle; Use of bio-economic models for derivation of economic values and total merit indices for future production conditions

Vicente Castro - June 29th 2012

Aerobic exercise training for improving robustness of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) / Aerobisk trening for å bedre robusthet hos atlantisk laks (Salmo salar)

Gerrit Timmerhaus - February 3rd 2012

Cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS) in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L.: functional genomics studies of host-pathogen responses and disease markers

Ragnhild Mobæk - January 27th 2012

Density dependent foraging ecology and performance of domestic sheep on alpine ranges