Livestock by topic

Livestock by topic

Research on our livestock (including fish) spans the subject areas breeding, quantitative and molecular genetics, nutrition, behavior (ethology) and animal environment, animal welfare, feed production and feed technology, product quality of food and greenhouse emissions from animal husbandry.

About the subject areas:

Breeding and genetics
Modern breeding encompasses far more than the traditional selection of breeding animals. Genetic mapping has been used for a long time. This Department has considerable activity within the subject areas breeding, genetics and genome analysis. Many of our scientists are involved in Centre for Integrative Genetics – CIGENE, which is located at this Department.

Ethology (behavior) and animal environment
The consumer expect  good animal welfare.  There is an active research group within the area of animal welfare at this Department. Research is conducted on behavior and animal environment for farm animals, fish and sports & family animals.

Improved food quality and efficient use of our resources are in focus. Research on farm animal nutrition has a tradition of long standing at this Department. The research spans all the traditional farm animals, fish and sports & family animals.

Greenhouse emissions from animal husbandry
Greenhouse emissions from livestock is a not negligible phenomenon as seen on a global scale. This Department conducts research on greenhouse emissions from animal housing.

Product quality
Consumers are increasingly aware of the quality and content of the food we eat and not least of the connection between food and human health. Ongoing research at this Department aims to improve the quality and nutritional value of meat, milk and fish. Researchers from the fields of breeding, nutrition and animal welfare, specifically on the handling of the animals prior to slaughter, all bring their expertise to this effort.

Feed production and feed technology
This Department conducts research on green fodder, straw fodder and concentrates. The research is aimed at feeds for ruminants, monogastric animals – e.g. pigs, and fish.


You will find information on some of our research below: