8 - Thesis Submission

Step by step description of submission, assessment and doctoral degree examination

  • The PhD candidate must within agreed deadline submit the thesis to the faculty and apply for evaluation
  • Prior to thesis submission, all elements included in the required coursework must be successfully completed and approved by the faculty 
  • The faculty, by the Dean, appoints an evaluation committee based on the proposal of the main supervisor
  • The evaluation committee will evaluate the thesis
  • Once the thesis is approved for defence, it can be sent to printing 
  • The approved thesis must be made publicly available before the public defence
  • Lastly is the doctoral degree examination consisting of the trial lecture and the public defence

Read more about writing the PhD thesis here.

BIOVIT's own guidelines for writing the introductory section of the PhD thesis.

Appointment of an evaluation committee

The Faculty appoints an evaluation committee to evaluate the thesis, the trial lecture (if applicable), and the public defence of the thesis. The requirements are described in the PhD regulations section 13. 

The main supervisor sends a reasoned proposal of evaluation committee members to the faculty, prior to thesis submission using form NMBU 4.1 Proposal for evaluation committee. The PhD candidate must be informed of the proposed composition of the evaluation committee, and be given an opportunity to comment this in writing no later than five working days after being informed. The Faculty decides how any comments will be dealt with.

The proposal is processed by the faculty.

Approval of the completed required coursework

Prior to thesis submission, all elements included in the required coursework must be successfully completed and approved by the faculty. Transcript of records/ diplomas from external education (i.e. coursework conducted outside NMBU), must be submitted for approval and registration, to the faculty PhD Coordinator. Results from courses completed at NMBU are registered on an ongoing basis. If the completed academic coursework differs from the approved Education Plan, the PhD candidate must fill in and submit the form NMBU 3.2 Application for approval of completed coursework.

Co-authorship declarations

When submitting a thesis involving several co-authors, the form NMBU 4.3 Co-authorship declaration must accompany the subission, i.e. one form for each co-authored manuscript/ article forming part of the thesis. The statement should describe the candidate's and the individual co-author's independent contribution to the research work and the manuscript/ article in question. The PhD candidate is responsible for obtaining such co-authorship declarations.

The PhD candidate must submit the following to the faculty:

  • NMBU 4.2 Submission form, with a confirmation from the main supervisor recommending the thesis to be evaluated.
  • An electronic version of the thesis in PDF-format. This electronic version will be archived by the faculty.
  • NMBU 4.3 Co-authorship declaration for an article-based thesis for all co-authored manuscripts/ articles.

Evaluation of the thesis

After submission, the thesis will be forwarded to the evaluation committee.

The committee must submit a joint reasoned recommendation to the Faculty on whether the thesis should be:

  • Approved for public defence
  • Not approved for public defence in its present form, but minor revisions, within a deadline of maximum 3 months work given by the faculty, should be permitted before the final recommendation is made. The evaluation committee must within six (6) weeks from the receipt iof the revised thesis present their final decision.
  • Rejected, i.e. not approved for public defence. In this case fundamental changes are necessary. The thesis may be reworked and resubmitted only once after minimum 6 months.

The recommendation from the evaluation committee

The evaluation committee must submit its recommendation using the form NMBU 4.4 Assessment of the thesisThe form should be sent to the faculty no later than 25 working days before the planned date of the public defence. The faculty decides on the basis of the assessment committee's recommendation.

Press Release

NMBU wish to make the work known to a broader audience than the university itself. As soon as the thesis is approved by the evaluation committee, the PhD candidate can download and fill in the press release form and submit it to the correct contact person listed in the form. The Communication Department will be able to prepare an article for the internet ahead of the public defence. Some advice on how to present the work to give a glimpse of the achievements and what has been done is given in the press release form.

Printing the thesis

The PhD candidate orders the printing by sending an email to a printer company with the purchase order form attached (from the guidelines in "Printing the thesis"). Purchase order number ("Ressursnummer") must be given when ordering for further processing.

The printer company has the correct NMBU official templates and design for the thesis cover. The printers will produce the number of theses set by the candidate and will send an electronic PDF-version of the thesis, as it will be printed, to the PhD candidate.

If the thesis is to be printed in Norwegian, or if you are to hold a public defence for the Dr. Philos. degree, you must make this clear to the printers so that they choose the correct template.

Printed copies will be distributed by the printer company to the National Library of Norway (5 copies) and to the University Library (1 copy). The 6 copies will be taken from the total number of copies ordered.

Follow the guidelines in "Printing the thesis"


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