3 - Education plan, PhD agreement and data management plan

The form NMBU 1.3 Education plan consists of a progress plan for the PhD project, a plan for the required coursework component, a publication plan, and a plan for stays at other institutions (at home and abroad).

Required coursework

The required coursework must equal 35 credits including a research ethics and philosophy of science course at a minimum of 5 credits. The candidate may in agreement with the main supervisor choose to include more credits. As a main rule a statistics course must be part of the required coursework. or documented strong statistics skills at admission, seen in relation to the PhD candidate’s subject area. Unless the PhD candidate has documented strong statistics skills at admission, seen in relation to the PhD candidate’s subject area, a statistics course must as a main rule be part of the required coursework.

Within the total of 35 credits, the required coursework may include at the most 5 credits of general skills as project management, research dissemination or pedagogy. Academic writing courses are not approved as ‘counting credits’ in the required coursework.

Special syllabus

If no suitable courses, a special syllabus at PhD level may be approved as part of the required coursework. Before a PhD candidate goes ahead with special syllabus, NMBU 3.1 Agreement for special syllabus must be in place. To be registered with the course in the system the agreement must be sent to the Student Information Centre at sit@nmbu.no.

Changes in the required coursework

If you see that you need to replace a subject (s) in the training section, you must complete and submit NMBU 2.2 PhD Changes required coursework component. The subject (s) must be changed before the new subject (s) have been taken. The faculty decides whether you can exchange courses.

Level of courses

Courses to be included in the required coursework must be at PhD or master’s degree level. 

Research Ethics

A course in research ethics and the philosophy of science, of a minimum of 5 credits (ECTS), must be included in the required coursework. By completing e.g. PHI401 or VET400, this requirement will be fulfilled. If you have completed another research ethics and philosophy of science course, you may present the course description and the course certificate to your faculty and apply for approval of this course. 

The PhD Contract

Admission to the PhD program shall be formalized through a written agreement NMBU 1.2 PhD contract, an Education Plan and a Data Management Plan no later than four months after start-up. 

The NMBU 1.2 PhD contract must be entered into by the PhD candidate, the faculty, any external parties involved, and by each of the appointed supervisors. The PhD contract regulates the parties' rights and obligations within the contract period and mentions, among other things, funding, supervision, reporting, publication and ownership of results.

When working with an external institution

If you have funding from, or receive supervisory support from an external party such as a research institute, company, public sector establishment etc., the external party should also be involved when you enter into the PhD contract. Should it be necessary to regulate other legal issues than those mentioned in the PhD contract, this can be enclosed with the PhD contract (in appendix). If you have any questions, please contact Legal Advisor vegard.arnhoff@nmbu.no.

If you are going to complete your PhD programme in collaboration with another graduate institution such as a university, or a college with the right to award doctoral degrees, in Norway or abroad, you need to enter into the form NMBU 1.4 Cotutelle agreement. Please note that this agreement comes in addition to the regular PhD contract.

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan (DMP) shall describe the type and the scope of research data generated in the PhD project. In addition, the DMP shall describe where the data will be stored during the project and how it will be archived and possibly made available after the project is completed. You are recommended to use this tool: Norwegian Center for Research Data (NSD) data management plan DMP +, or to use the ELIXIR Data Stewardship Wizard tool (particularly for life science research data). As a minimum, you and your main supervisor must in connection with the yearly progress reporting go through the data management plan and assess the need for adjustments.

Read more about research data management hereYou will find information on: 

  • Policy and guidelines for research data management at NMBU
  • FAIR principles
  • Data Management Plans (DMP)
  • Privacy in research (including handling of personal data in research)
  • Metadata and file format
  • Storing research data in ongoing projects
  • Archiving research data
  • Courses in handling research data and developing a data management plan

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