2 - Start-up seminar

The start-up seminar

The start-up seminar is to be held during the first semester, and preferably before agreement of the contract and the education plan. The purpose is to give opportunity for input about the project plan and help find relevant courses and activities to be part of the education plan.

  1. The PhD candidate presents the project plan and education plan to get input on project angles, design, method, scope and realism of the project as well as possible courses, seminars and activities.
  2. Discussing what technical, academic and practical resources are necessary in order to complete the project.
  3. Discuss spending a period at an educational institution other than NMBU.

All seminars


  • The supervisory team
  • Staff and PhD candidates at the department and any relevant research groups
  • Other PhD candidates and their supervisors


  • The main supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the seminars are conducted.
  • The main supervisor is responsible for announcing the seminar.
  • The whole supervisory team should be present at each seminar and during the ensuing discussion. At least one supervisor must be present.
  • The PhD candidate is responsible for the presentation at each seminar.

Time must be set aside for audience response.

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