1 - Application for admission to a PhD program

PhD fellow at NMBU

Admission to one of NMBU's PhD programmes will be handled in connection with employment in a PhD fellow position. The faculty may, when necessary, request the NMBU 1.1 Application for admission to be completed and sent to the faculty.

External PhD candidates

If you are employed at an external institution/establishment you must apply to the relevant NMBU Faculty for admission into a PhD programme. You must send the NMBU 1.1 Application for admission to the faculty, at the latest within two months of the start date for funding of the PhD project/education. More information on this web page.

The application must include documentation of:

  • The education that will form the basis for the admission
  • English proficiency skills
  • Passport if the applicant is not a Norwegian citizen
  • Full financing of the entire PhD education/programme period
  • The proposed supervisors and affiliation to an academic environment
  • Project outline including an academic description of the project and a progress plan
  • Description of any special needs for professional and material resources, such as access to the necessary infrastructure to carry out the PhD project
  • Information about planned main place of work
  • Information on any intellectual property matters and an account of any legal and ethical issues raised by the project
  • Information on whether the project depends on permission from research ethics committees, permission to process personal data or other permissions. Such permissions should, if possible, be enclosed with the application.

Read more about admission here.

Published 13. September 2021 - 10:42 - Updated 29. September 2021 - 13:51