The PhD study at Biovit

The PhD study at Biovit

Here you will find information about the completion of the PhD study at Biovit.

Timelime PhD BIOVIT

Timelime PhD BIOVIT

Mara Dagestad

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Know your rights and obligations

Become familiar with the Regulations and guidelines for doctoral degrees at NMBU.

BIOVIT has our own Supplementary provisions to the regulations and guidelines for the doctoral degree (PhD).

Research fellow (“Stipendiat”), PhD candidate or PhD student?

A research fellow (or “stipendiat” in Norwegian) is employed by NMBU to take a PhD. A research fellow has a salary and has the same rights and obligations as every other employee of NMBU.

PhD candidate is a common term for everyone who is accepted into the PhD program, regardless of workplace and funding source.

As a PhD candidate you have two different contracts:

  1. An employment contract which stipulates your salary and working conditions
  2. PhD contract which is an agreement between the candidate, the supervisors and the Faculty, and any external partners who are involved. The PhD contract regulates the parties’ rights and obligations within the contract period, and discusses, among other things, financing, supervision, reporting, publishing and ownership of results.

As a PhD candidate, you are registered as a student and have the right to study at NMBU, which means you can sign up for courses at NMBU via Studentweb.

Only PhD candidates who receive support from Norwegian public loan provider Lånekassen must pay the semester fee. All other PhD candidates, for example those who are employed in a PhD position, are not considered “students” in this context and thus are exempt from paying the semester fee. If you do not pay the semester fee, you are not eligible for student discounts.

Research Education Committee-PhD (FU-PhD)

Applications submitted to the Faculty are processed by the FU-PhD

FU-PhD is a working group underneath the larger Research Education Committee (FU) at BIOVIT.

Health care

As a PhD student, you may occasionally need health care or counseling that the university does not offer. In this case, please contact the Health Station for young people and students. You can also contact the Health and Safety adviser at the Faculty.


At NMBU there is an independent non-political interest organization for all PhD candidates, SoDoC. All PhD candidates are automatically members of this organization.

Contact information PhD at BIOVIT

Mara Dagestad (senior adviser PhD), tlf. 67 23 27 15
Anna Mazzarella (senior adviser PhD), tlf. 67 23 26 8
Anne Berit Wold (PhD-program leader), tlf. 67 23 28 13

Who does what at BIOVIT?

On our intranet page you will find an overview of administrative employees at BIOVIT, as well as a list sorted by work tasts.

More information for new PhD candidates


Below you will find additional information about all the points on the timeline above.