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Timeline in the Ph.D. study
Establishment of a Buddy system for PhD candidates at BIOVIT
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This is compulsory reading for all PhD students:

Overview: who can assist you?

  • Mara Dagestad
    (Research education consultant, secretary FUU, e-mail:, phone: 67232715):
    PhD rules and regulations ,routines, schemes,
    FUU issues
  • Ingrid Heggelund
    (Senior adviser, e-mail:, phone: 67232606):
    Employment contract
    Employee issues
  • IT:, phone: 67230555:
    Data services, PC, licenses

  • Marit Westby
    (Executive consultant, e-mail:, phone: 67232662):
    Office accessories

  • Anne-Berit Wold
    (Leader Research Education Committee, FUU, e-mail: telf. 67232813):
    FUU issues
    Monitoring and evaluation of the PhD education

  • Janne Brodin
    (Adviser, e-mail:, 67232611):
    Put together thesis in one pdf file,
    Advertise start-, middle- and end seminars
    Publish information about the dissertation

See also Hvem gjør hva i adm (Who does what in the Administration ─ Norwegian page on intranett NMBU)?

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