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The Department of Plant Sciences is an international centre of academic excellence in applied and basic plant sciences. Our teaching and research cover NMBU’s areas of focus within food, agriculture and landscaping.


Bildet viser roboten  Thorvald i felt

Using drones and robots to select new plant varieties

Soon the plant scientists at NMBU will be able to take a tour of the fields and discover what grew there a couple of years ago, without the need for a time machine or heavy footwear. The only tools needed are a pair of glasses and a computer.

Glade prisvinnere fra NMBU mottok prisen på NOKUTs konferanse "Utdanningsfest" 1. november 2016.

NMBU wins 2016 Education Quality Award

Yesterday NMBU and the Department of Plant Sciences was presented with the prestigious 2016 Education Quality Award by Minister of Education Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, for its work on educating agroecologists.

Solsikker på Vollebekk forsøksgård

Agroecology students facilitate open event in Oslo

As part of the first semester of the MSc Agroecology program, students organized an open event in Oslo (capital of Norway) in November 2014 where they presented their project work, and facilitated an interactive workshop.

Department of Plant Sciences (IPV)

IPV has the national responsibility for education and research on sustainable production and utilisation of plants for food, feed, ornamental and recreational purposes, contributing in this way to NMBUs vision "Knowledge for life."

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