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We contribute to the food production of the future through both basic and applied research. Our field of expertise covers traditional farm animals on land as well as those that live in water, i.e. our domesticated animals and farmed fish.


Det er usedvanlig lav dødelighet og ikke registrert infeksiøse eller miljøbetingede sykdommer i anlegget. Den lave dødeligheten gir grunnlag for gode forsøksresultater.

Centre for fish research

The centre for fish research is a modern centre for small scale fish experiments. The centre  has specially adapted facilities for feed research, RAS technology (recycling of water for aquaculture) and the use of isotopes as a tracking method in fish. The centre also has an isolated quarantine station for emergency preparedness.

NMBUs rektor, Mari Sundli Tveit og Senterdirektør for Foods of Norway, Margareth Øverland, jubler over avspark for NMBUs første senter for forskningsdrevet innovasjon (SFI).

Successful kick-off for Foods of Norway

Foods of Norway was launched on October 8, the first Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) for the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). – I am so happy, so proud, saidMari Sundli Tveit, rector of NMBU.

Gi meg tunfisk!

What does the cat say?

Most of us know the sounds that cats make, but the fact that a miaow sends out widely diverging messages according to the part of the sound puss stresses, may be less well known.

Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences

Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences (IHA) at Faculty of Biosciences

Our Department represents the traditional animal husbandry fields of breeding, nutrition and ethology. Within these fields, our expertise encompasses areas such as feed technology and metabolism, quantitative and molecular genetics, and the quality of products made from eggs, milk, and meat.

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