Study start at the Faculty of Science and Technology (REALTEK)

Welcome as a new student at the Faculty of Science and Technology (REALTEK) at NMBU!
We look forward to getting to know you!

During the study start in August you will get to know REALTEK as a faculty and familiarise yourself with the Study programme that you are starting.

NB! Mandatory attendance from the first day starting Monday 14. august. If you are hindered from attending the first day, please notify the Study advisers as soon as possible. If you do not attend the first day with no reported reason for absence, it will be counted as you are letting up your spot on the programme.

Program for the start of the semester for study programmes taught in English at REALTEK 2023

Below you will find where and when to meet for the study start on Monday 14. August. The program and information will be updated should there be any changes. Please keep an eye on the program to keep yourself oriented.

If you have relevant courses from previous higher education that you wish to include in your degree at NMBU, the study advisers will be able to inform you about the process and how to apply for this during the start of the semester.

Introduction Week for international students 7.-11. August

International students are welcome to attend the Introduction Week from 7.-11. August

Registration weekend for new students 12.-13. August

During the registration weekend, the Student information center (SiT) will help you to create and activate your NMBU user account and inform you about all other relevant information such as the regulations and guidelines, NMBU's web pages, registering for courses etc.

More info about the registration weekend can be found on the Welcome page for new students at NMBU.

Buddy Week (Fadderuka) 11.-26. August

Every autumn semester the Buddy week (Fadderuka) will be organised!

This year's buddies look forward to meeting you! We welcome you to a fun, safe and social start to the semester.

The Fadderuka 2023 starts on 11 August. The Fadderuka KICK-OFF will be in Auditorium Maximum (Aud.Max) at 5 PM (17:00) on 11 August!

During Fadderuka there will be both joint activities and faculty-wise activities. There are many good reasons to join, i.e. these four:

  • You get to know the people you are going to study with
  • You get to know each other on campus
  • You will get to know the various student organisations at NMBU
  • Fadderuka is fun, social, and inclusive

Week 32

  • Friday 11 August – Kick-off & Getting-Acquainted-Evening. 17:00-18:30 at Aud Max
  • Saturday 12 August – Registration weekend begins. Barbecue from 6 p.m. at the Pentagon 1
  • Sunday 13 August – The registration weekend continues. Tour of the “Samfunnet”

Week 33

  • Wednesday 16 August – Graskurs part 1 (this is an intro to university student life)
  • Thursday 17 August – Giga Tekna Quiz at Samfunnet
  • Friday 18 August – Matriculation on the Main Lawn. Concert at the Samfunnet in the evening

Week 34

  • Wednesday, August 23 – Togafest and wrestling show at the Society
  • Thursday 24 August – Quiz on Society at Society
  • Friday 25 August – Grass Course Part 2 at Society
  • Saturday, August 26 – NMBU Cup at 6 PM (18:00), at the Pentagon 1

Overview and information about registration, ticket sales, and information about the events will be posted on the Facebook page "Fadderuka NMBU" in early August.

If you are not contacted by a Buddy by 10. August, please contact one of the Buddy leaders at REALTEK or send an email to the Buddy week for REALTEK (contact info below):

Facebook: Fadderuka NMBU

Instagram: @fadderukarealtek


Buddy leaders (faddersjefer): Håkon Skramstad (+47 911 84 831) og Magnus Lundetrø Fidje (+47 482 01 892)

Is there something else you need answered prior to the study start?

Please have a look at the pages for Student at REALTEK.

There you will find useful information, contact info to the study administration, link to FAQ etc.

Please also have a look at the welcome page for new students at NMBU.