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Publications by researchers in Bio4Fuels, listed in the Cristin Database.


Tölgo, M., Hegnar, O. A., Østby, H., Várnai, A. Vilaplana, F., Eijsink, V. G. H., Olsson, L. 
Comparison of six lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases from Thermothielavioides terrestris shows that functional variation underlies the multiplicity of LPMO genes in filamentous fungi. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2022 


Bolkesjø, Torjus Folsland; Jåstad, Eirik Ogner; Trømborg, Erik; Rørstad, Per Kr..
Hvis vi velger vekk bioenergi, trenger vi mer gasskraft og vindkraft. 2021

Calvin, Kathrine; Cowie, Annette; Berndes, Göran; Arneth, Almut; Cherubini, Francesco; Portugal- Pereira, Joana; Grassi, Giacomo; House, Jo; Johnson, Francis X.; Popp, Alexander; Rounsevell, Mark; Slade, Raphael; Smith, Pete.
Bioenergy for climate change mitigation: scale and sustainability. GCB Bioenergy: Bioproducts for a Sustainable Bioeconomy 2021 ;VAVis.L_Volum 13.(9) VAVis.T_SideForkortelse1346-1371

Cowie, Annette; Cherubini, Francesco; Ximenes, F.
Applying a science-based systems perspective to dispel misconceptions about climate effects of forest bioenergy. GCB Bioenergy: Bioproducts for a Sustainable Bioeconomy 2021 s.1210-1231

Dzurendova, Simona; Bolano Losada, Cristian; Dupuy--Galet, Benjamin Xavier; Fjær, Kai; Shapaval, Volha.
Mucoromycota fungi as powerful cell factories for modern biorefinery. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2021 VAVis.T_SideForkortelse101-115

Dzurendova, Simona; Shapaval, Volha; Tafintseva, Valeria; Kohler, Achim; Byrtusova, Dana; Szotkowski, Martin; Márová, Ivana; Zimmermann, Boris.
Assessment of Biotechnologically Important Filamentous Fungal Biomass by Fourier Transform Raman Spectroscopy. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021 ;VAVis.L_Volum 22.(13)

Dzurendova, Simona; Zimmermann, Boris; Kohler, Achim; Reitzel, Kasper; Gro Nielsen, Ulla; Dupuy--Galet, Benjamin Xavier; Leivers, Shaun Allan; Horn, Svein Jarle; Shapaval, Volha.
Calcium Affects Polyphosphate and Lipid Accumulation in Mucoromycota Fungi. Journal of fungi (JoF) 2021 ;VAVis.L_Volum 7.(4)

Emberson, D. R., Wyndorps, J., Ahmed, A. Bjørgen, K. O. P., Løvås, T. 
Detailed examination of the combustion of diesel and glycerol emulsions in a compression ignition engine. Fuel, vol. 291, 2021

Joseph, Prajin; Opedal, Mihaela Tanase; Moe, Størker.
The O-factor: using the H-factor concept to predict the outcome of organosolv pretreatment. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 2021

Jåstad, Eirik Ogner; Bolkesjø, Torjus Folsland; Rørstad, Per Kr.; Midttun, Atle; Sandquist, Judit; Trømborg, Erik.
The Future Role of Forest-Based Biofuels: Industrial Impacts in the Nordic Countries. Energies 2021 ;Volum 14.(8)

Kadi, Adnan; Varnai, Aniko; Eijsink, Vincent; Horn, Svein Jarle; Lidén, Gunnar.
In situ measurements of oxidation–reduction potential and hydrogen peroxide concentration as tools for revealing LPMO inactivation during enzymatic saccharification of cellulose. Biotechnology for Biofuels 2021 ;VAVis.L_Volum 14.

Langseter, Anne Marie; Dzurendova, Simona; Shapaval, Volha; Kohler, Achim; Ekeberg, Dag; Zimmermann, Boris.
Evaluation and optimisation of direct transesterification methods for the assessment of lipid accumulation in oleaginous filamentous fungi. Microbial Cell Factories 2021; Volum 20.

Leirpoll, Malene Eldegard; Næss, Jan Sandstad; Cavalett, Otávio; Dorber, Martin; Hu, Xiangping; Cherubini, Francesco.
Optimal combination of bioenergy and solar photovoltaic for renewable energy production on abandoned cropland. Renewable Energy 2021; Volum 168. s.45-56

Ma, Jianyu; Mahmoodinia, Mehdi; Rout, Kumar Ranjan; Blekkan, Edd A..
Regenerable Sorbents for High-Temperature Desulfurization of Syngas from Biomass Gasification. Chemie Ingenieur Technik 2021 ;Volum 93.(6) s.949-958

Ma, Jianyu; Mahmoodinia, Mehdi; Rout, Kumar Ranjan; Blekkan, Edd Anders.
The Impact of Operating Parameters on the Gas-Phase Sulfur Concentration after High Temperature Sulfur Sorption on a Supported Mo-Mn Sorbent. Reactions 2021

Morales, Marjorie; Arvesen, Anders; Cherubini, Francesco.
Integrated process simulation for bioethanol production: Effects of varying lignocellulosic feedstocks on technical performance. Bioresource Technology 2021 ;Volum 328.

Næss, Jan Sandstad; Cavalett, Otávio; Cherubini, Francesco.
The land–energy–water nexus of global bioenergy potentials from abandoned cropland. Nature Sustainability 2021 ;Volum 4. s.525-536

Pandey, Umesh; Runningen, Anders; Gavrilovic, Ljubisa; Jørgensen, Erik Andreas; Putta, Koteswara Rao; Rout, Kumar Ranjan; Rytter, Erling; Blekkan, Edd Anders; Hillestad, Magne.
Modeling Fischer–Tropsch kinetics and product distribution over a cobalt catalyst. AIChE Journal 2021 ;VAVis.L_Volum 67.(7) VAVis.T_SideForkortelse1-15

Paulson, Bente.
Forskere kan skape mat og drivstoff av skogavfall. 2021

Paulson, Bente.
Making the most of forestry waste. 2021

Preisig, Heinz A.
Modelling - Mechanistic reductionism extended with holistic empirical components. Computer-aided chemical engineering 2021

Preisig, Heinz A. 
Ontology-Based Process Modelling-with Examples of Physical Topologies. Processes 2021, 9(4), 592

Pujan, R. & Preisig H. A.  
Systematic Modelling of Transport Processes across Interfaces. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Vol. 50, 637 - 642.

Slaný, Ondrej; Klempová, Tatiana; Shapaval, Volha; Zimmermann, Boris; Kohler, Achim; ertík, Milan.
Animal Fat as a Substrate for Production of n-6 Fatty Acids by Fungal Solid-State Fermentation. Microorganisms 2021 ;VAVis.L_Volum 9.(1) VAVis.T_SideForkortelse1-17

Sposob, Michal; Wahid, Radziah.
Ex-situ biomethanation in trickle bed reactor - counter-current and concurrent configurations comparison. Biological Carbon Capture and Utilization (BCCU); 2021-05-11 - 2021-05-11

Sposob, Michal; Wahid, Radziah. 
Comparison and Gas Loading Impact on Counterand Concurrent Trickle-Bed Reactor Configurations for Ex-Situ Biomethanation. Research Square, 2021 

Sposob, Michal; Wahid, Radziah; Fischer, Keno.
Ex-situ biological CO2 methanation using trickle bed reactor: review and recent advances. Reviews in Environmental Science and Biotechnology 2021 ;VAVis.L_Volum 20.(4) VAVis.T_SideForkortelse1087-1102

Sposob, Michal; Wahid, Radziah; Horn, Svein Jarle.
Start-up of trickle bed reactor using inoculation with cow manure for ex-situ biomethanation. 29th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition; 2021-04-26 - 2021-04-29

Tafintseva, Valeria; Shapaval, Volha; Blazhko, Uladzislau; Kohler, Achim.
Correcting replicate variation in spectroscopic data by machine learning and model-based pre-processing. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 2021 ;VAVis.L_Volum 215.

Timsina, Ramesh; Thapa, Rajan Kumar; Moldestad, Britt Margrethe Emilie; Eikeland, Marianne Sørflaten.
Computational particle fluid dynamics simulation of biomass gasification in an entrained flow gasifier. Chemical Engineering Science: X 2021 ;VAVis.L_Volum 12.

Urrego, Johana Paola Forero; Huang, Bo; Næss, Jan Sandstad; Hu, Xiangping; Cherubini, Francesco.
Meta-analysis of leaf area index, canopy height and root depth of three bioenergy crops and their effects on land surface modeling. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2021 ;VAVis.L_Volum 306.

van der Wijst, Cornelis; Ghimire, Nirmal; Bergland, Wenche Hennie; Toven, Kai; Bakke, Rune; Eriksen, Øyvind. 
Improving Carbon Product Yields in Biocarbon Production by Combining Pyrolysis and Anaerobic Digestion. BioResources . 2021, Vol. 16 Issue 2, p3964-3977. 

Wahid, Radziah & Svein Jarle Horn 
Impact of operational conditions on methane yield and microbial community composition during biological methanation in in situ and hybrid reactor systems. Biotechnology for Biofuels, 14, 170 (2021). NMBU

Wahid, Radziah & Svein Jarle Horn 
The effect of mixing rate and gas recirculation on biological CO2 methanation in two-stage CSTR systems. Biomass and Bioenergy, vol 144, 2021,

Østby, Heidi; Jameson, John-Kristian; Costa, Thales; Eijsink, Vincent; Arntzen, Magnus Øverlie.
Chromatographic analysis of oxidized cello-oligomers generated by lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases using dual electrolytic eluent generation. Journal of Chromatography A 2021


Acha, E; Chen, De; Cambra, J.
Comparison of novel olivine supported catalysts for high purity hydrogen production by CO2 sorption enhanced steam reforming. Journal of CO2 Utilization 2020; Volum 42. s.101295

Bressanin, Jéssica; Klein, Bruno; Chagas, Mateus; Watanabe, Marcos; Sampaio, Isabelle; Bonomi, Antonio; Morais, Edvaldo; Cavalett, Otávio.
Techno-Economic and Environmental Assessment of Biomass Gasification and Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis Integrated to Sugarcane Biorefineries. Energies 2020; Volum 13. (17)

Byrtusova, Dana; Shapaval, Volha; Holub, Jiri; Simansky, S; Rapta, M; Szotkowski, M; Kohler, Achim; Marova, Ivana.
Revealing the Potential of Lipid and -Glucans Coproduction in Basidiomycetes Yeast. Microorganisms 2020; Volum 8. (7)

Capa, Alma; García, Roberto; Chen, De; Rubiera, Fernando; Pevida, Covadonga; Gil, Mara Victoria.
On the effect of biogas composition on the H2 production by sorption enhanced steam reforming (SESR). Renewable Energy 2020 ;Volum 160. s.575-583

Capa, Alma; García, Roberto; Chen, De; Rubiera, Fernando; Pevida, Covadonga; Gil, Mara Victoria.
On the effect of biogas composition on the H2 production by sorption enhanced steam reforming (SESR). Renewable Energy 2020; Volum 160. s.575-583

Costa, Thales HF; Kadi, Adnan; Chylenski, Piotr; Varnai, Aniko; Bengtsson, Oskar; Lidén, Gunnar; Eijsink, Vincent; Horn, Svein Jarle.
Demonstration-scale enzymatic saccharification of sulfite-pulped spruce with addition of hydrogen peroxide for LPMO activation. Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 2020

Dzurendova, Simona; Zimmermann, Boris; Kohler, Achim; Tafintseva, Valeria; Slany, Ondrej; Certik, Milan; Shapaval, Volha.
Microcultivation and FTIR spectroscopy-based screening revealed a nutrient-induced co-production of high-value metabolites in oleaginous Mucoromycota fungi. PLOS ONE 2020

Dzurendova, Simona; Zimmermann, Boris; Tafintseva, Valeria; Kohler, Achim; Horn, Svein Jarle; Shapaval, Volha.
Metal and Phosphate Ions Show Remarkable Influence on the Biomass Production and Lipid Accumulation in Oleaginous Mucor circinelloides. Journal of fungi (JoF) 2020 6(4), 260

Dzurendova, Simona; Zimmermann, Boris; Tafintseva, Valeria; Kohler, Achim; Ekeberg, Dag; Shapaval, Volha.
The influence of phosphorus source and the nature of nitrogen substrate on the biomass production and lipid accumulation in oleaginous Mucoromycota fungi. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2020 104, 8065–8076

Gaber, Yasser; Rashad, Boshra; Hussein, Rasha; Abdelgawad, Mai; Ali, Nourhan S.; Dishisha, Tarek; Varnai, Aniko.
Heterologous expression of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs). Biotechnology Advances 2020; Volum 43:107583. s.1-15

Gavrilovic, Ljubisa; Jørgensen, Erik Andreas; Pandey, Umesh; Putta, Koteswara Rao; Rout, Kumar Ranjan; Rytter, Erling; Hillestad, Magne; Blekkan, Edd Anders.
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over an alumina-supported cobalt catalyst in a fixed bed reactor – Effect of process parameters. Catalysis Today 2020

Huang, Bo; Hu, Xiangping; Fuglstad, Geir-Arne; Zhou, Xu; Zhao, Wenwu; Cherubini, Francesco.
Predominant regional biophysical cooling from recent land cover changes in Europe. Nature Communications 2020; Volum 11. s.1-13

Jåstad, Eirik Ogner; Bolkesjø, Torjus Folsland; Rørstad, Per Kristian.
Modelling effects of policies for increased production of forest-based liquid biofuel in the Nordic countries. Forest Policy and Economics 2020; Volum 113.

Jåstad, Eirik Ogner; Bolkesjø, Torjus Folsland; Trømborg, Erik; Rørstad, Per Kristian.
The role of woody biomass for reduction of fossil GHG emissions in the future North European energy sector. Applied Energy 2020; Volum 274.

Kojima, Yuka; Varnai, Aniko; Eijsink, Vincent; Yoshida, Makoto.
The Role of Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenases in Wood Rotting Basidiomycetes. Trends in glycoscience and glycotechnology 2020; Volum 32. (188) s.E135-E143

Mathisen, Georg; Shapaval, Volha.
Bruker muggsopp til å lage sunn mat av tre og fett. Fett, tre og bryggerirester skal gi mennesker sunn mat. Nøkkelen er noe så hverdagslig som muggsopp. 2020

Monclaro, Antonielle V.; Petrovic, Dejan; Alves, Gabriel S.C.; Costa, Marcos M.C.; Midorikawa, Glaucia E.O.; Miller, Robert N G; Filho, Edivaldo X F; Eijsink, Vincent; Varnai, Aniko.
Characterization of two family AA9 LPMOs from Aspergillus tamarii with distinct activities on xyloglucan reveals structural differences linked to cleavage specificity. PLOS ONE 2020; Volum 15:e0235642.(7) s.1-19

Pan, M.J.; Wang, J.N.; Fu, W.Z.; Chen, B.X.; Chen,, W.Y.; Duan, Xuezhi; Chen, De; Qian, Gang; Zhou, Xinggui.
Active sites of Pt/CNTs nanocatalysts for aerobic base-free oxidation of glycerol,. Green Energy & Environment 2020 ;Volum 5. s.76-82

Preisig, Heinz A..
Promo - a Multi-disciplinary Process ModellingSuite. Computer-aided chemical engineering 2020; Volum 48. s.571-576

Pujan, Robert; Nitzsche, Roy; Köchermann, Jakob; Preisig, Heinz A..
Modelling Ontologies for Biorefinery Processes – A Case Study. I: Proceedings of the 30th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering. Elsevier 2020 ISBN 9780128233771. s.1693-1698

Pujan, Robert; Preisig, Heinz A..
Systematic Modelling of Flow and Pressure Distribution in a Complex Tank. I: Proceedings of the 30th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering. Elsevier 2020 ISBN 9780128233771. s.1996-1201

Slany, Ondrej; Klempova, Tatiana; Shapaval, Volha; Zimmermann, Boris; Kohler, Achim; Certik, Milan.
Biotransformation of animal fat by-products into ARA-enriched fermented bioproducts by solid-state fermentation of Mortierella alpine.. Journal of fungi (JoF) 2020  6(4), 236;

Smith, Pete; Calvin, Katherine; Nkem, Johnson; Campbell, Donovan; Cherubini, Francesco; Grassi, Giacomo; Korotkov, Vladimir; Le Hoang, Anh; Lwasa, Shuaib; McElwee, Pamela; Nkonya, Ephraim; Saigusa, Nobuko; Soussana, Jean-Francois; Taboada, Miguel Angel; Manning, Frances C.; Nampanzira, Dorothy; Arias-Navarro, Cristina; Vizzarri, Matteo; House, Jo; Roe, Stephanie; Cowie, Annette; Rounsevell, Mark; Arneth, Almut.
Which practices co-deliver food security, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and combat land degradation and desertification?. Global Change Biology 2020; Volum 26. (3) s.1532-1575

Wang, Liang; Seljeskog, Morten; Khalil, Roger Antoine; Bakken, Jørn; Carlsson, Per; Skreiberg, Øyvind.
Characterization of Residues from Entrained Flow Gasification of Wood. Chemical Engineering Transactions 2020; Volum 80. s.235-240

Yeboah, Isaac; Feng, Xiang; Wang, Gang; Rout, Kumar Ranjan; Cai, Z P; Duan, Xuezhi; Zhou, Xinggui; Chen, De.
Jet Fuel Range Hydrocarbon Production from Propanal: Mechanistic Insights into Active Site Requirement of a Dual-Bed Catalyst. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2020; Volum 8. s.9434-9446

Østby, Heidi; Hansen, Line Degn; Horn, Svein Jarle; Eijsink, Vincent; Varnai, Aniko.
Enzymatic processing of lignocellulosic biomass: principles, recent advances and perspectives. Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology 2020 Volum: 47, pp 623 – 657.


Bartocci, Pietro; Tschentscher, Roman; Stensrød, Ruth Elisabeth; Barbanera, Marco; Fantozzi, Francesco.
Kinetic Analysis of Digestate Slow Pyrolysis with the Application of the Master-Plots Method and Independent Parallel Reactions Scheme. Molecules 2019; Volume 24. (9)

Bjørgen, Karl Oskar Pires; Emberson, David; Løvås, Terese. 
Diffuse Back-Illuminated Extinction Imaging of Soot: Effects of Beam Steering and Flame Luminosity. SAE technical paper series 2019;

Bjørgen, Karl Oskar Pires; Emberson, David; Løvås, Terese. 
Optical Measurements of In-Flame Soot in Compression-Ignited Methyl Ester Flames. Energy & Fuels 2019; Volume 33. s.7886-7900

Chylenski, Piotr; Bissaro, Bastien; Sørlie, Morten; Kjendseth, Åsmund Røhr; Varnai, Aniko; Horn, Svein Jarle; Eijsink, Vincent
Lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases in enzymatic processing of lignocellulosic biomass. ACS Catalysis 2019; Volume 9. s.4970-4991

de_Freitas_Costa, Thales; Eijsink, Vincent; Horn, Svein Jarle. 
The use of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases in anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic materials. Biotechnology for Biofuels 2019 ;Volume 12.(1)

Eijsink, Vincent; Petrovic, Dejan; Forsberg, Zarah; Mekasha, Sophanit; Kjendseth, Åsmund Røhr; Varnai, Aniko; Bissaro, Bastien; Vaaje-Kolstad, Gustav. 
On the functional characterization of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs). Biotechnology for Biofuels 2019 ;Volume 12.58. s.1-16 

Emberson, David; Rohani, Behzad; Wang, Liang; Sæterli, Ragnhild; Løvås, Terese. 
On soot sampling: Considerations when sampling for TEM imaging and differential mobility spectrometer. SAE technical paper series 2019; Volume 2019:2019-24-0159.

Forsberg, Zarah; Sørlie, Morten; Petrovic, Dejan; Courtade, Gaston; Aachmann, Finn Lillelund; Vaaje-Kolstad, Gustav; Bissaro, Bastien; Kjendseth, Åsmund Røhr; Eijsink, Vincent. 
Polysaccharide degradation by lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases. Current Opinion in Structural Biology 2019 ; Volume 59. s.54-64

Gavrilovic, Ljubisa; Save, Jonas; Blekkan, Edd Anders.
The Effect of Potassium on Cobalt-Based Fischer– Tropsch Catalysts with Different Cobalt Particle Sizes. Catalysts 2019 ; Volume 9.(4)

Gavrilovic, Ljubisa; Save, Jonas; Blekkan, Edd Anders. 
The Effect of Potassium on Cobalt-Based Fischer– Tropsch Catalysts with Different Cobalt Particle Sizes. Catalysts 2019; Volume 9.(4)

Hüttner, S; Varnai, Aniko; Petrovic, Dejan; Bach, CX; Kim Anh, DT; Thanh, VN; Eijsink, Vincent; Larsbrink, Johan; Olsson, L. 
Specific Xylan Activity Revealed for AA9 Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenases of the Thermophilic Fungus Malbranchea cinnamomea by Functional Characterization. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2019 ;Volume 85.(23)

Jåstad, Eirik Ogner; Bolkesjø, Torjus Folsland; Trømborg, Erik; Rørstad, Per Kr.. 
Large-scale forest-based biofuel production in the Nordic forest sector: Effects on the economics of forestry and forest industries. Energy Conversion and Management 2019; Volume 184. s.374-388

Krivopolianskii, Vladimir; Bjørgen, Karl Oskar Pires; Emberson, David; Ushakov, Sergey; Æsøy, Vilmar; Løvås, Terese. 
Experimental Study of Ignition Delay, Combustion, and NO Emission Characteristics of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil. SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants 2019 ; Volume 12.(1) s.29-42

Mustapha, Walid Fayez; Kirkerud, Jon Gustav; Bolkesjø, Torjus Folsland; Trømborg, Erik. 
Large-scale forest-based biofuels production: Impacts on the Nordic energy sector. Energy Conversion and Management 2019; Volume 187. s.93- 102

Nannoni, Samuele; Sandquist, Judit. 
A Norwegian Research Centre for Sustainable Bio-Based Fuels and Chemicals – The Bio4Fuels. BE Sustainable 2019

Preisig, Heinz A.; Elve, Arne Tobias; Karolius, Sigve.
More power to the individual modeller using ontologies. Computer-aided chemical engineering 2019 s.1099-1104

Rørstad, Per Kristian Kåreson Lobenz; Bolkesjø, Torjus Folsland; Jåstad, Eirik Ogner; Trømborg, Erik. 
40 % skogbasert biodrivstoff i Norden er mulig. Eviggrønn 2019

Rørstad, Per Kristian Kåreson Lobenz; Bolkesjø, Torjus Folsland; Trømborg, Erik. 
Nordic energy and forest products market review and outlook. Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet. 2019 48 s. MINA fagrapport (56)

Tafintseva, Valeria; Shapaval, Volha; Smirnova, Margarita; Kohler, Achim. 
Extended multiplicative signal correction for FTIR spectral quality test and pre-processing of infrared imaging data. Journal of Biophotonics 2019

Timsina, Ramesh; Moldestad, Britt Margrethe Emilie; Eikeland, Marianne Sørflaten; Thapa, Rajan Kumar. 
Simulation of air-biomass gasification in a bubbling fluidized bed using CPFD model. Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 2019 ; Volume 170. s.145-150

Timsina, Ramesh; Thapa, Rajan Kumar; Eikeland, Marianne Sørflaten. 
Aspen Plus simulation of biomass gasification for different types of biomass. Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 2019 ;Volume 170. s.151-157

Timsina, Ramesh; Thapa, Rajan Kumar; Moldestad, Britt Margrethe Emilie; Eikeland, Marianne Sørflaten. 
Effect of particle size on flow behavior in fluidized beds. International Journal of Energy Production and Management 2019 ;Volume 4.(4) s.287- 297

van Eerde, André; Varnai, Aniko; Jameson, John-Kristian; Paruch, Lisa; Moen, Anders; Anonsen, Jan Haug; Chylenski, Piotr; Steen, Hege; Heldal, Inger; Bock, Ralph; Eijsink, Vincent; Clarke, Jihong Liu. 
In-depth characterization of Trichoderma reesei cellobiohydrolase TrCel7A produced in Nicotiana benthamiana reveals limitations of cellulase production in plants by host-specific post-translational modifications. Plant Biotechnology Journal 2019  s.1-13

Wahid, Radziah; Mulat, Daniel Girma; Gaby, John Christian; Horn, Svein Jarle. 
Effects of H2:CO2 ratio and H2 supply fluctuation on methane content and microbial community composition during in-situ biological biogas upgrading. Biotechnology for Biofuels 2019 ; Volume 12.(104) s.1-15


Birgen, Cansu; Markussen, Sidsel; Wentzel, Alexander; Preisig, Heinz A. 
Response Surface Methodology for Understanding Glucose and Xylose Utilization by Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 8052. Chemical Engineering Transactions 2018 ; Volum 65. s.61-66

Birgen, Cansu; Markussen, Sidsel; Wentzel, Alexander; Preisig, Heinz A. 
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From political to climate crisis. Nature Climate Change 2018 s.663-664

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Contribution of jet fuel from forest residues to multiple Sustainable Development Goals. Nature Sustainability 2018 ;Volum 1.(12) s.799-807

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Energy and Environmental Aspects of Using Eucalyptus from Brazil for Energy and Transportation Services in Europe. Sustainability 2018 ; Volum 10.(11) s.1-18

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Jåstad, Eirik Ogner; Mustapha, Walid Fayez; Bolkesjø, Torjus Folsland; Trømborg, Erik; Solberg, Birger. 
Modelling of uncertainty in the economic development of the Norwegian forest sector. Journal of Forest Economics 2018 ;Volum 32. s.106-115

Kòsa, Gergely; Vuoristo, Kiira; Horn, Svein Jarle; Zimmermann, Boris; Afseth, Nils Kristian; Kohler, Achim; Shapaval, Volha.
Assessment of the scalability of a microtiter plate system for screening of oleaginous microorganisms. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2018 ; Volum 102.(11) s.4915-4925

Müller, Gerdt; Chylenski, Piotr; Bissaro, Bastien; Eijsink, Vincent; Horn, Svein Jarle. 
The impact of hydrogen peroxide supply on LPMO activity and overall saccharification efficiency of a commercial cellulase cocktail. Biotechnology for Biofuels 2018 ; Volum 11.(209)

Sandquist, Judit; Tschentscher, Roman; del Alamo Serrano, Gonzalo. 
Hydrothermal liquefaction of organic resources in biotechnology: how does it work and what can be achieved?. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2018 ;Volum 103.(2) s.673-684

Svensson, Kine; Paruch, Lisa; Gaby, John Christian; Linjordet, Roar. 
Feeding frequency influences process performance and microbial community composition in anaerobic digesters treating steam exploded food waste. Bioresource Technology 2018 ; Volum 269. s.276-284


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Oxidative cleavage of polysaccharides by monocopper enzymes depends on H2O2. Nature Chemical Biology, 13/2017, 1123-1128.

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