Day 1, 19 Nov


Registration, Coffee/tea + fruit


Welcome and introduction. Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine NMBU


Status for RAS in the Nordic countries (Jesper Heldbo, Aquacircle, DK)


Session 1. What´s new regarding fish health in RAS?


Common Infections seen in Norwegian salmon RAS (Brit Hjeltnes, NVI, N)


Fish health in salmon smolt production in the Faroes (Peter Østergård, Aquamed, FÆR)


Health issues in large-scale salmonid RAS, and outlook for Finland (Tapio Kiuru, Finnforel OY, FIN)


Lunch and poster session


Session 2.  Non-infectious diseases or disorders 


Supersaturation of gasses in RAS systems (Thomas Clausen, DK)


Particle effects on fish grills - an immunogenetic approach (Kurt Buchmann, Copenhagen Univ., DK)


Health and welfare risks of H2S, CO2 and metal ions in RAS (Paula Rojas, NIVA, N)


Experiences with H2S risks in salmon production in RAS (Trond Rosten, Marine Harvest, N)


Nephrocalcinosis – an increasing challenge in Atlantic salmon RAS production (Renate Johansen, Pharmaq analytiq, N)


Presentation of the Nordic RAS network and its activities (Johanne Dalsgaard, DFI, DK)


Discussion: Non-infectious diseases and disorders


Coffee/tea + poster session


Session 3. Infectious diseases: old and new 


Flavobacterioses in rainbow trout, (Niels H. Henriksen, Danish Aquaculture, DK)


The yersiniosis epidemic in mid-Norway, do RAS play a role? (Thomas Amlie, Åkerblå, N)


Skin ulcerative diseases in RAS (Solveig Nygaard, FoMAS, N)


PRV-3 – a new pathogen for farmed rainbow trout (Niccolo Vendramin, DTU-Vet, DK)


Vaccination against yersinosis: a race against bacterial mutations (Andreas Riborg, Vaxxinova, N)


Discussion: Infectious diseases


End of scientific program day 1


Joint evening meal


Day 2, 20 Nov


Session 4.  Disease control and biosecurity 


A phage-based system for control of yersiniosis in RAS (Hans P. Kleppen, ACD Pharma, N)


Research on phage therapy for flavobacterioisis (Lotta-Riina Sundberg, Univ. of Jyväskylä, FIN)


Use of bath probiotics for productions of Atlantic salmon smolt (Kira Salonius, Previwo AS, N)


The dead fish in recirculating facilities - how to manage it (Torstein Snogdal, AquaPri, DK)


Monitoring the main changes in the bacterial community in a RAS biofilter during the first year of operation (Katrine Drønen, Univ of Bergen, N) 


How to monitor unspecific bacteria levels in RAS, and what have we learned from doing it (Martin Vestergaard, AquaPri, DK)


Systematic microbiota profiling and development for decision support tools for the next generation aquaculture management (Stine Wiborg, SINTEF, N)


Coffee/tea and fruit


Session 5.  Fish health and well-being 


Welfare and health monitoring in salmon smolt RAS (Julia Fossberg, Lerøy Midt, N) 


Cortisol and brain serotonin indicators for welfare of salmonids (Øyvind Øverli, NMBU Vet, N)


Fish density, water quality and stress tolerance (Erik Höglund, NIVA, N)


Barriers and RAS: Trading immunity for growth? Karin Pittmann (Univ of Bergen, N)


The pros and cons of elevated water velocities in Atlantic salmon post-smolts reared in RAS (Lazado, Nofima, N)


Discussion; Disease control and biosecurity; Fish health and well-being  


Closing of the meeting, and lunch




Rearing water treatment influences the microbiota and transcript profiles of cod larvae


Nephrocalcinosis in rainbow trout reared in recirculation aquaculture system


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