Practical information


The conference venue is the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Campus Adamstuen in Oslo.

Campus Adamstuen is situated in the middle of Oslo. It is easy to get there both by public transport and by car.
Address Ullevålsveien 72, N-0454 Oslo.


You have many options when it comes to accommodation in Oslo. You can use can use search engines like or  to identify a hotel suiting your needs.

However, under you will find suggested hotels close to public transport, where tram number 17 or 18 will take you directly to Adamstuen stop, close by the workshop location.

Hotel suggestions:


Public transport and tickets:

The suggested hotels above are located nearby public transport and tram-line 17 or 18 will take you to Adamstuen.

Please note that tickets should be purchased before using trains, tram, bus etc., since pushing tickets onboard costs extra

There are several options on ticket type deepening on how much you want to use public transport when you arrive in Oslo.  A single ticket cost 35,- NOK, however purchasing a 24 hours pass for 105,- NOK enables you to travel for a limitless number of journeys within that time frame.  Please see for more information.  The tickets can be purchased at several kiosks like Narvesen or 7/11.  Alternatively, you can visit Ruter at Oslo Central Station and purchases your tickets there. 

You can also download the app “Ruter” to your smartphone if you want to purchase tickets digitally. 

For more information on public transport and time tables please visit   to plan your travels in and around Oslo.  

Arriving from Oslo Airport:

Traveling from Oslo Airport to Oslo Central Station with public transport gives you mainly three options:  The Airport Express (train), the local train (NSB) or the airport bus (Flybussen).

Airport Express:
Has the most departures to and from Oslo Airport. A ordinary ticket cost 190,- NOK one way and if you are a student you travel cost 95,-. More information can be found here:


NSB  (national train service):
Has approximely three departures from or to Oslo Airport pr hour.  A ticket cost 101,- NOK . More information can be found here:  . Please note that if you already have a valid ticket for public transport in Oslo (like a 24 hour pass), a ticket from Oslo Central Station to Oslo Airport cost approx. 66,- NOK.

Airport Express  Bus (Flybussen):
This is also an option, depending on the choice of accommodation.  A one-way ticket costs 180,- NOK while a turn-return ticket cost 260,- NOK. Please visit for more information regarding time table, bus stops and walking distance to your hotel.

Taxi :
You can opt for traveling with Taxi from Oslo Airport for a fixed price. It is recommended that you go to the taxi information disk in the arrivals hall before ordering a taxi.  Information of the different taxi-companies operating form Oslo Airport can be found here:




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