Pris beste oppgave

Prize for the best thesis at NMBU

Purpose: The purpose of the award is to encourage and recognise good theses at NMBU.

The prize is an annual award given to the best thesis in a calendar year. The prize is NOK 25,000 and includes a diploma that summarises the grounds for the award. The prize is awarded during enrolment

The prize shall be awarded to a student / students who submit a paper at the master's degree level at NMBU, and can be awarded to individuals or groups that hand in a shared paper. The prize can be awarded for a master's thesis or project paper at the veterinary school, and theses for 30, 40 and 60 credits can be nominated. The thesis has to be submitted within the nominal length of study after the first registration. If the department has granted an extension of at most three months, the thesis is considered to have been submitted within the nominal length of study.

Staff and students at NMBU can nominate candidates An application with reasons and two hard copies of the thesis and one digital version must be sent to the department in which the thesis was written. The deadline for submitting nominations to the departments is 15 February (for theses submitted in the previous calendar year, or in other words between 1 January and 31 December). Proposed theses do not have to have been graded, but the grading must have been completed by the time the department nominates candidates to the Director of Academic Affairs. Each department can nominate one candidate for the prize, with the exception of the departments that have joint responsibility for the veterinary programme. These departments can nominate one joint candidate.

The University Council awards the prize on the recommendation of a committee consisting of six persons: five academic staff and one student at the master's degree level. Committee members must read Norwegian and English. In its assessment, the committee shall emphasise that the thesis shows comprehension, independence, reflection, maturity and analytic ability. The committee shall also focus on the academic specialisation of the thesis, the student's/students' ability to identify problems in an academic field and the student's/students' ability to present these. The Director of Academic Affairs coordinates the work and is the secretary for the committee.

Supplementary regulations:

In even years (year award is made), the following are responsible for appointing a member of the academic staff to the committee:

  • Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology
  • Noragric
  • Department of Environmental Sciences
  • The departments responsible for the veterinary programme 

In odd years (year award is made), the following are responsible for appointing a member of the academic staff to the committee:

  • Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences
  • School of Economics and Business
  • Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science
  • Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management
  • Department of Plant Sciences
Published 31. October 2016 - 18:12 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:12