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Adopted by the University Board on 12/12/2014, Education Prize (US 158/2014)

Purpose: The purpose of the Prize is to encourage and motivate the academic communities at the University to work systematically on furthering the quality of their programmes and motivate them to become more focused on the work on the quality of education. In this context, quality of education describes the overall quality, including management quality and relevance. The Prize is awarded following a nomination,and is given for measures that initiate ongoing activities related to enhancement of the quality of education.

The Education Prize is awarded every other year, alternating with the Research Prize. The Prize is NOK 100,000 and the monetary award is to be used to further develop the measures being awarded. The department must report on its use of the monetary award in its annual reports. The Prize also includes a diploma that summarises the grounds for the award.

The Prize is awarded by the University Council on the recommendation of a committee of six members. The committee is appointed by the Rector and shall consist of three academic staff members (one from each Faculty), two students and one external academic with expertise in pedagogy. The academic staff, including the external member, are appointed for three years, while the student representatives are appointed for one year. The Director of Academic Affairs is the secretary for the committee.

The Prize can be awarded to a person or group of persons from one or more departments at NMBU. Candidates for the Prize can be nominated by NMBU staff and students. Nominations shall contain:

  1. The measure the nomination relates to. This must be based in issues that are innovative and of significance to and focused on the development of the quality of education. The Prize can be awarded for excellent work in one or more areas. The application must document collaboration between students, academic staff and other relevant actors in the planning, implementation and follow-up phases.
  2. Documentation about the measure's proximity to theory and practice must be included, and how the work utilises relevant competency and knowledge in the discipline in question must be documented. The application must contain a description and assessment of the measure and how the results of the work on the measure are expected to be continued and transferred to others.
  3. A recommendation from the Head of Department.

If the committee does not find a worthy winner, the Prize is not awarded.


The deadline for nominations is 15 March. The Award is awarded during NMBU's annual conference.

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