Requirements programmes

The total requirements for all NMBU study programs at any time are summarized in the document "Guidelines. Requirements for degree granting programmes at NMBU".

"Guidelines. Requirements for degree granting programmes at NMBU" applies to all programmes of study leading to a degree at NMBU. Both new and existing studies. The document should be used for the following:

  • Applying for the establishment of a new programmes of study:
    The application for the approval of a new degree program at NMBU shall contain an evaluation all elements listed in this document. Requirements for the different elements are specified under each heading in the document. A checklist is also available.
    For all elements, the faculty must assess whether the criteria is met and if there are elements are in need of further development and improvement (plans for future work must then be prepared). The application reproduces these assessments and any plans for further development and improvements. The experts shall make a professional assessment of whether the requirements are met in each case based on what the faculty describes in the application and the requirements specified in this guideline.
  • Annual control of programmes of study:
    At the annual check of whether the program meets the criteria, the checklist in this guide (pages 3-6) may be used.

  • Evaluation of programmes of study:
    The supervisor should be used when evaluating programmes of study both annual and periodic.

List of all rules, regulations and frameworks can be found at the Norwegian web pages "Krav til studieprogram ved NMBU".

Published 11. January 2018 - 13:50 - Updated 8. March 2019 - 17:44