Annual review of programmes

The authorities require that the institutions regularly check that the studies they offer meet the quality requirements. All requirements for programmes of study at the NMBU can be found in the document "Guidelines. Requirements for degree granting programs at NMBU".

Guidelines for annual controlling that all NMBU study programs meet the quality requirements:

From 2018, NMBU will implement a yearly control that all study programs meet the requirements. The annual control be carries out in conjunction with the already established annual registration of the description of programmes of study. In addition, the faculty report about the programme quality through an annual program report in connection with management of NMBUs programme portfolio.

The responsibility for the quality of the programmes of study lies with the Deans. It is therefore the Deans who are responsible for the control to be carried out and that any deviations are followed up. The "Guidelines. Requirements for degree granting programs at NMBU" is recommended to be used for the annual check. 

The Department of Academic Affairs will initiate the prosess with a request to the Deans in P360. Approval is acknowledged by the Deans sending back a list of programs, that are controlled and approved, in P360. It is up to the faculties how to organize the work, but it is recommended that the programme councils are involved in this process.


Published 11. January 2018 - 13:52 - Updated 4. August 2020 - 14:14