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Opt out of publication of course evaluation results

Results from course evaluations and course reports are published on a website available to all students and employees at NMBU. The purpose for publishing the course report is to provide transparency about the learning environment, and contribute to communication between students and the Faculty about learning at the University. If, as a teacher or course responsible, you would like to opt out of publication of the semester’s course evaluation results, below you will find more information on how to proceed.

The solution described below will be a transitional arrangement towards a permanent solution via EpN (Course planning online) starting in the academic year 2018/19. 

opt out of publication

Results from course evaluations and course reports are published on a website available to all students and employees at NMBU.

More information about course evaluation on the web page about quality assurance/course evaluation or NMBU Learning Center.

To delete or prevent the publication of results from the course evaluation (Step 2) on the web, you as a teacher/course responsible can do as follows:

To delete already published results from the academic year 2016/17:

Send an email to to delete results in the requested course(s).

To prevent publication of results for the academic year 2017/18:

a) If you still want to see the results in the form used for the course report, but not necessarily want the results to appear in the published report, delete the results in the field where they appear, fill in the rest of the form and press publish. Then inform if the results for your course should no longer be available.
b) If you want to prevent the results from appearing in the form, send an email to and state which courses you would like to prevent publication of the results from the course evaluation. You must then contact the administration at the faculty to receive your results.

Opt out of the publication of the course evaluation results starting the academic year 2018/19:

Requests to opt out of publishing course evaluation results starting in 2018/19 will be processed through the tool used to edit the course description  - EpN (Course Planning Online). More information about this solution will be available when EpN opens next year.

Note that even if you do not want to publish results from the course evaluation, the course report must be completed with assessment of the results and measures for the development of the course.

Published 26. September 2017 - 14:44 - Updated 5. October 2020 - 10:48