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  • Merethe Stensvik (ENG/NOR)


    Merethe is a Norwegian student in her second year of a master’s degree in International Relations. She has previously lived in Australia for three years, completing her bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Politics at the University of Melbourne. Merethe’s interests include academic publishing, foreign affairs, transnational crimes and human rights. Merethe is currently residing in Lille, France for a semester of exchange at Sciences Po. She therefore offers her consulatations online and can assist students in both Norwegian and English!

  • Kamilla Evita Masvik (ENG/NOR)


    Kamilla is a Norwegian student. She is currently on her second year of the Bachelor in International Environment and Development studies. She can be of help in both Norwegian and English.

    Languages: English and Norwegian

  • Elaina Weber (ENG)


    Elaina was born and raised in the Great Lakes Basin in the United States. She has since spent years living in New York City, Norway, and the Netherlands with shorter stints for research in the Rocky Mountains and Nepal, for cellular biology and public health research. She has a bachelor's degree in biology and art from Fordham University in NYC and has worked as a microbiologist in tuberculosis research at Cornell's medical school. She's an active community participant, especially around local food systems, and teaches community classes in yoga and mindfulness. She is currently writing her master's thesis for International Environmental Studies on transformational societal change from the angle of healthy diets from sustainable food systems.

    Languages: English

  • Espen Gevelt (ENG/NOR)


    Espen is a Norwegian student who took a bachelor’s degree in political science with a specialty in International Relations and conflict studies in Bodø. He finished his studies with a bachelor thesis about the Ukraine crisis. He has also taken a Master of Science in International Environmental Studies at NMBU, where he wrote a master thesis about interest conflicts in Rondane and Forollhogna national park. Over his studies, he has learned about study techniques and how student’s spare time can improve their efficiency at the university. He can help students improve their writing in Norwegian and English.


  • Niklas Mintorovitch (ENG/NOR)


    Niklas is the coordinator of the Writing Centre. He has a masters degree in Cultural History from the University of Oslo and a teaching degree in Practical Pedagogy from Østfold University College. He has previously been working as a lecturer in the Teacher Education Program at Østfold University College, and is still involved in research projects concerning pedagogy. His academic interests include academic writing, cultural history, pedagogy, philosophy, science of religions and sustainable development. He gives advice in Norwegian and English, and is happy to help bachelor, master and PhD students.

    Languages: English and Norwegian

  • Ali Mozaffari (ENG)


    Ali was admitted to NMBU for taking a master’s programme in International Relations in 2020 with an educational background in journalism and linguistics. In his early 20s, he volunteered at a human rights non-profit institute as a translator for over a year. After graduation, he engaged himself in translation and publication activities in addition to teaching English as a foreign language at a language institute for a few years. In pursuit of some random adventures, he moved to Greece and started working as a part-time editor for a cultural journal in Greece while appreciating the breathtaking charms of a land where gods and goddesses used to live. Just before moving to Norway, he was working for the Urban Economy Forum and International City Leaders at the capacity of coordinator. He has been living in Norway since late December 2020 and has been trying to learn Norwegian ever since. He still hopes that he can offer academic writing consultation in Norwegian someday, but as of now he can only help in English.
  • Shelby Geitner (ENG)


    Shelby is an international second-year Master's in Agroecology student at NMBU. She completed the first year of her MSc at NMBU and is now residing in Lyon, France, where she is finishing her program. She is passionate about growing and eating food and connecting people to the landscapes that feed them. She has a working background in outdoor education and enjoys playing and teaching music and improvisational theatre. Shelby holds a BS in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Thanks to the wonders of technology, Shelby is available for online appointments only (unless you are in Lyon) and can assist people with their writing in English. A bientôt online!