Master Defence Preparation Workshop

The master Defense
All master students at NMBU willhave two defendable Their master thesis in an oral presentation. While They are expected to Perform well, student gene rally the receive little training in how to give a strong oral presentation. Luckily, students now have the opportunity two learn how to ace Their oral defense by taking a three-hour intensive workshop thatwill give them the tools and confidence They need two successfully defend Their thesis.

About the workshop
The workshop is held at the Writing Center and is led by Canadian Clayton (Clay) Gouin, a graduate student in Environmental Studies. With a background in teaching and extensive experience in oral presentation, Clay has Developed a workshop thatwill give students confidence in comfy rooms, Clarify Their ideas, address weaknesses in Their thesis and helpthem prepare Their oral defense in advance.

Students must prepare a 5 minute presentation of Their thesis prior to the workshop. Each presentation is filmed and as Clay points out, students the receive constructive feedback and Useful tricks That build on the skills They alreadytakenusername garden.

The workshop is the direct result of student expressing Concerns for Their thesis presentations. Clay has now BEEN giving the workshop for a year and it is extremely popular Among students. Each workshop has a maximum of 6 students and is held 3-4 times per semester.

Student: "The paper was a C, the rooms saidthat the defense presentation bumped me up to a B. So it's all Because of your help" 

"This sort of oral presentation workshop should be mandatory for all students," says Clay, as all students are expected two Develop oral presentation skills during Their studies. These skills are extremely IMPORTANT for worklife after University. The Writing Center is now looking at developing the workshop Also in Norwegian.

Student: "I think you have prepared an excellent workshop - nothing more is needed!"

Published 26. June 2017 - 13:36 - Updated 26. June 2017 - 13:36